Nikolayevtsev becomes less.......

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On July 11 the World day of the population is celebrated. Due to this date specialists of the Nikolaev regional management of statistics prepared data on population in our area. So, for June 1, 2008 in area lived more than 1 million 199 thousand people, from them 810,3 thousand people - in city settlements, 388,9 thousand people - in rural areas. For January - May of the current year population decreased by 4,3 thousand people, including the number of urban population - by 2,2 thousand people, rural - by 2,1 thousand people.

Population reduction for January - May, 2008 was observed in all cities of regional value and regions of the area, the greatest indicators of decline in population appeared in Arbuzinskom, Kazankovsk and Pervomaisk areas (for 0,8% in everyone).

The exception was made only by Yuzhnoukrainsk where population increased by 0,1 thousand people or for 0,2%.

Population decreased at the expense of natural losses by 3,8 thousand people and migratory - by 0,5 thousand people.

In five months 2008 to area there arrived 2,4 thousand people, left out of its limits of 2,9 thousand people. During this time to other regions of Ukraine left on 0,6 thousand people more, than arrived, and from - for borders, on the contrary, arrived to 0,1 thousand people more, than left.

Staff of department of statistics of the population draws a conclusion: natural losses of the population occurred owing to considerable excess of number of the dead over the been born. For January - May, 2008 in areas was born 5,1 thousand people, 8,9 thousand died. The most bigger amount of death is caused by diseases of system of blood circulation - 4,8 thousand people (53,6%), new growths - 1 thousand (10,8%), the external reasons - 0,8 thousand (8,6%).


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