In militia handed over the weapon, ammunition and explosive, and nikolayevets handed over even hunting carbines of the died owners

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It is known that in October of this year law-enforcement bodies carried out a month of voluntary delivery of the weapon, ammunition, explosive materials and special means. Thanks to system explanatory work among the population of rather existing standards of the current legislation about release from criminal responsibility at voluntary delivery of these dangerous "toys", citizens handed over in divisions of militia of 4704 units of the different weapon, including 259 units of military firearms, 206 units cut sports and hunting, 3776 - smooth-bore and 62 - self-made, it is a lot of means of traumatic action and various ammunition, reports a press - service Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In particular, citizens handed over also 272 units of a cold weapon and 1878 units of special means, including 1735 gas guns and revolvers, 143 devices for shooting of the charges equipped with throwing shells rubber or similar on the properties (during carrying out a month in April, 2009 5087 units of the weapon are handed over).

In bodies of militia 106 343 pieces of different ammunition to firearms and 6,332 kilograms of explosives, 22 pieces of means of initiation, 230 shells, 32 mines, 46 grenades and 172 fuses are handed over also.

During carrying out a month 418 citizens who voluntary handed over the weapon, ammunition and explosive in law-enforcement bodies are actually exempted from criminal responsibility for illegal storage of firearms, ammunition and explosive materials.

Considerable part of the handed-over weapon makes smooth-bore and cut hunting, acquired before introduction of its registration in law-enforcement bodies and also which remained after death of owners, and was at their relatives. For example, the inhabitant of Nikolaev addressed in militia with the statement for voluntary delivery of two hunting cut carbines of MT TO-44 calibers 7,62 mm and TOZ of-87-01 calibers 5,6 mm which remained after death of their owner.

Carrying out by law-enforcement bodies of a month of voluntary delivery of the weapon, ammunition, explosive materials and special means testify to positive influence of such actions on an operational situation in the state and confirm expediency of their carrying out further.


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