Flu frightened the Nikolaev communists. They don't come for traditional parade on November 7

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The Nikolaev representatives of the left political forces made the decision not to come to city streets with demonstration on the occasion of celebration of anniversary of the Great October socialist revolution.

In particular, as reported a press - the secretary of regional committee of KPU Mikhail Vorontsov, the management of the Nikolaev cell of Communist Party of Ukraine made the decision not to take in large quantities to the city streets not to endanger people to catch ORVI and flu.

- To hold meeting and demonstration we were forbidden by the Nikolaev mayor. Clear business that its ban has advisory nature. In this regard the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies filed a lawsuit the statement of claim for the purpose of a ban of our actions. But we made the decision not to wait for a judgment. For what once again to endanger people to catch ORVI or flu, - Mikhail Vorontsov told.

The truth as, by words a press - the secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of KPU, earlier activists of party to people distributed about 20 thousand invitation in case all - and gather wishing "to walk on Soviet with red flags", them won't disperse.

- Not to expel to us them, really. Meeting, of course, won't be, but to Lenin's monument in that case we will put flowers, - Mikhail Vorontsov reported.

Don't intend to take tomorrow to the streets and activists of PSPU what the secretary of a city town committee of the Nikolaev party cell of "vitrenkovets" Dmitry Nikonov declared at the last session of city council.

During too time an application for carrying out the action on Sovetskaya Street of Nikolaev this day was submitted also by representatives of the right political forces - Kunovtsa, IN "Freedom, etc. As it became known from reliable sources, "right" intend to spoil a holiday to communists, having broken their action.

Whether come on November 7 to city streets "right" and "left", whether there will be between them "opposition" or all - really "left" refused celebrations, will show tomorrow.


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