In Nikolaev the girl after improvement in evpatoriysky sanatorium

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Group of the Chernigov children after treatment in sanatorium in Evpatoria put on the train with a temperature and sent home. One child took away from the train at once in hospital, the Television news service of the 1+1 channel reports.

According to parents, children fell ill in four days prior to the end of change. To accept such number of sick children, to provide all with anti-virus preparations and security aids, the sanatorium was not ready. As well as everywhere, in it there was a deficiency of masks and drugs.

Physicians decided not to cancel departure of children in connection with an illness. Parents of children are indignant how patients could be sent to the road.

One girl took away from the train in Nikolaev. It had temperature of 39 degrees and didn't get off any febrifugal. Other children took to Chernigov and at once sent for inspection. There they were given out for the first time gauze bandages.

At each of children revealed symptoms of a virus infection, but about flu the speech doesn't go, doctors, especially Californian assure.

In turn, the administration of sanatorium confirmed that for the last week many children got sick with cold. But in one case flu wasn't confirmed. Before the road to all took temperature, and the bases to cancel closing of change weren't.

Physicians also declared that most likely, pupils caught an infection already in the train.

However one improvement more children don't take in sanatoria, in it quarantine is also entered.


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