The Nikolaev port demanded to transfer business on an occasion of a ban on vessel Preventer pass to JV Nibulon mooring from Administrative court in Economic

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On November 9 meeting of board of the Nikolaev regional administrative court in the matter of JV Nibulon against the captain of the Nikolaev port P. Ryabchikov took place.

As the third parties in process GP "The Delta — the Pilot", GP "Nikolaev Sea Trade Port" and the Ministry of Transport and communication of Ukraine acted.

The claimant of JV Nibulon demands to cancel the decision of the captain of NMTP P. Ryabchikov on a ban on pass to the mooring of JV Nibulon of the vessel Preventer.

The first court session took place in Friday, November 6, 2009 is ineffectual - since the respondent demanded convocation on consideration of the case of Board of court.

This petition was satisfied, and on November 9 passed meeting of board of court - as a part of Ustinov (chairman), Mavorodiyeva and Zenkovsky.

The respondent made some petitions. In particular about need to allow present journalists of audio - and video filming. NMTP, Ministry of Transport and "The delta - the pilot" supported the requirement. The judge Mavrodiyeva noticed that the only party of process which isn't carrying out administrative functions is "Nibulon". The deputy director general of JV Nibulon A. Vasilyev answered that as fixing is conducted by technical means of court, in additional fixing of need isn't present. The court was compelled to agree with this position, having noticed that the ban on fixing doesn't mean removal of journalists from a court hall.

As for the main point - any decisions it was accepted not. On 2 - m to the reasons.

The party of the respondent and the third party (Ministry of Transport) entered into business of new representatives who didn't manage to study case papers.

Both parties brought additional materials in business.

In meeting the break to 14 was declared. 0 13.11.2009.

Besides, the respondent brought the new petition: to close business and to transfer it to economic court. According to the argument of the respondent, need to consider case in administrative court isn't present, so it is dispute of 2-x managing subjects.


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