The seaport and Ministry of Transport ignore all Nibulona offers, Alexey Vadatursky

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The conflict between the Nikolaev seaport and the Nibulon company still "is groundless" - seaport on - former doesn't pass the vessel "Preventer" to "Nibulon's" mooring, and "Nibulon" on - former refuses to load a vessel on the seaport mooring.

After the meeting which have taken place the other day in the regional state administration to which representatives of seaport didn't come, the deputy governor Natalya Brakovan sent the letter concerning the arisen conflict to Cabinet of Ministers. According to her, this situation needs to be considered at governmental level.

As told "to Crime. There is no director general of the agricultural company "Nibulon""Alexey Vadatursky, "Nibulon" announced to seaport and the transport and communication Ministry some offers, but the answer to them didn't follow.

Nibulona offers consist in the following.

1. Ministry of Transport reported about a channel silting. In this regard "Nibulon" asks to take urgent measures about his clearing as the dredge is just on the first channel. That is it is possible to eliminate this silting quickly. Especially, the maintenance responsibility of the first channel lies completely on seaport, as well as responsibility for maintenance of its depths and width. "They declared to the whole world passport depths of this channel, and they have to adhere to them, - speaksAlexey Vadatursky. - Today we can far go, today the world can declare that there depth such - that and width such - that, and every other day the vessel will go, and there will be absolutely other depth and other width. Someone has to bear responsibility for it".

2. "Nibulon" asks to call conditions under which the vessel can pass to the company mooring. Alexey Vadatursky agrees to load "Preventer" not up to the depth a precipitation 9,2, and up to the depth a precipitation 8,5 or 8,8.

3. To provide safe conducting, it is possible to use towing providing, a leading method. That is to send the hydrographic boat ahead, it will be to measure quickly depth, and to report, whether can pass a vessel in this place.

"To any constructive proposals from our party the port doesn't react, - speaksAlexey Vadatursky. - They have one position - bring a vessel to the port to us and you load at us. That is, there will be an opportunity to earn by it. The seaport position is clear to us. In it there is no place to good-neighbourhood. In this case this "pribiraniye" of business of neighbors, intervention in economic activity of neighbors".


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