"Domino effect" acts on Nikolayevshchina: the rise in prices for flowers and newspapers involves rise in prices in the sphere of rest and culture

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In the nonfood consumer market of the Nikolaev area for October of this year the greatest rise in prices was observed in the health care sphere - for 2,3%. In particular, pharmaceutical production rose in price for 3,5%, out-patient services rose in price for 1,7%: the advisory - for 5,8%, stomatologic - for 1,1%, diagnostic - for 0,8%.

Payment for housing, water, the electric power, gas and other types of fuel as a whole increased by 0,6%, mainly as a result of increase in cost of the liquefied gas at 4,2% and firm fuel for 3,2%.

And the rise in price of tourist services - for 6,2%, fresh flowers - for 4,2%, newspapers and periodicals - for 2,5%, forages for pets - for 1,6%, audio equipment, the photoequipment and the equipment for information processing - for 1% caused rise in prices in the rest and culture sphere for 1,4%. About it reports Head department of statistics in the Nikolaev area.

In the sphere of restaurant and hotel business of the price grew only by 1%, generally under the influence of a food rise in price at restaurants, cafe and bars.

Clothes and footwear began to cost 0,8% more, namely: clothes - for 1%, footwear - for 0,5%, other articles of clothing and accessories (headdresses) - for 1,1%.

In spheres of communication and formation of the price remained at the level of the last month.


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