The family medicine in Nikolayevshchina develops contrary to total shortage of shots and low wages

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In Nikolayevshchina the tendency of development of family medicine proceeds. The first family out-patient clinic was open in 1998 in the village Kinetspil of the May Day area. According to the chief of regional management of health care Svetlana Hotina, already since the beginning of this year, despite of shortage of means from - for crisis in the economy, one of local hospitals of the Kazankovsky area is reorganized into rural family out-patient clinic.

In Oktyabrsky district the new family out-patient clinic is open. As a whole today in area 131 institutions of family medicine function, 106 from which are in rural areas. In them 34 percent of the population of area are served. As a whole in this sphere 255 doctors and 477 nurses work.

Better than all this work is organized in Voznesensky the area. Experts of family medicine of Voznesenskaya of TsRL work in the MOZ working group of Ukraine concerning development of institute of the family doctor. Experience of voznesenets is approved and recommended for introduction in other areas of Ukraine. However near achievements there is also a number of problems. In the Nikolaev area the problem of deficiency of medical shots ripened, especially sharply there are no doctors - for today about 1200 vacancies are free.

According to Svetlana Hotina, the reason, generally well-known, - the profession of the doctor is rather dangerous, isn't prestigious and is low paid. However there are also local nuances. The matter is that it agrees with a quota, Nikolayevshchina, is generally provided with doctors who are graduates of the Crimean medical university. They long in area aren't late.

Reduction of personnel potential explains regional management also to that the part of doctors creates private medical institutions and offices or leaves for work out of area and even Ukraine limits. Negatively low security with housing influences. In 2008 own housing received 16 experts, over 40 more stand in a queue.


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