Violations during introductory campaign in higher education institutions: whether it will be possible to avoid them this year?

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Yesterday's entrants and three months as the Ministry of Education at last checked all documents which granted to exempts the right for out-of-competition receipt didn't manage to study.

Today documents of entrants of all 134 higher education institutions subordinated by MON are checked. From them to 61 higher education institutions there are remarks.

In total across Ukraine to the university of the III-IV level of accreditation entered 7 951 exempts. From them to 5% of students (395 persons) there is a remark concerning reliability of documents which grant the right for preferential receipt, will report the Ministry of Education and Science.

In the Nikolaev area the champion on violations is the Nikolaev state university of a name of Sukhomlinsky. At 8 people from among arrived not enough documents to identify them as orphans. At 6 people it is necessary to check in addition references of VKK and the certificate of the disabled person. And one arrived has no document which certifies interrelation of death and military service of parents.

At National university of shipbuilding violations are also revealed. Reliability of references of VKK and certificates of the disabled person needs to be checked at 5 people. One student doesn't have enough documents that he is an orphan, and one has no document which certifies interrelation of death and military service of parents.

To May Day polytechnical institute of National university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarova MAUN makes a claim in connection with transfer of the disabled disabled person.

Nikolaev "mogilyanka", that is the Black Sea state university of a name P got to the list of the "at fault" higher education institutions also. Graves. Here one student who didn't prove studies that he is an orphan (there are no documents for his identification as that), one student with an experience of underground works which needs to be checked. At 5 people it is necessary to check certificates of the conclusion of VKK and certificates of the disabled person. One case of absence of the document which certifies interrelation of death and military service of parents is also recorded.

Check materials with remarks will be transferred to Ministry of Health (conclusions vrachebno - the consulting commission (VKK) and the physician - a social commission of experts (MSEK), the certificate of an illness during testing), to management of employment and social policy (the certificate of disabled people), to the Pension fund (the certificate of disabled people) and prosecutor's office (documents concerning an experience of underground works).

Also Ukrainian center of estimation of quality of education carries out an inspection on correctness of transfer according to certificates. The state for 01.11.2009 department of the higher education of MON collected 1 249 paper versions of orders, the Ukrainian center of estimation of quality of education collected 1019 electronic versions of orders. It is worked - 735, from them: without remarks - 349, have a deviation - 386.

We will remind that last year for violation of conditions of introductory campaign of 6 higher education institutions were deprived of licenses, results of check of 32 higher education institutions are transferred to law enforcement agencies.

This year, in order to avoid such large number of violations during introductory campaign, students - exempts are obliged to provide originals of documents in a selection committee of the educational institution elected by them. It has to help to control total of the entrants belonging to preferential categories. Besides, winners of Small academy of Sciences are excluded from the list of such preferential categories on request of Association of rectors.


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