The Nikolaev paratroopers and desantnitsa till November 24 will make parachute jumps in Hersonshchina

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On the basis of a separate regiment of army aircraft 79-й separate Nikolaev airmobile crew of command of Land forces of VS of Ukraine which is deployed in Hersonshchina, pass uchebno - methodical gatherings of experts saving parashyutno - landing groups, military units of army aircraft and airmobile armies of Land forces of VS of Ukraine, report in the Ministry of Defence.

The main goal of collecting consists in study of questions поисково - saving ensuring flights of aircraft of VS of Ukraine in a responsibility zone, working off of the only technique of preparation of flight crews, saving parashyutno - landing groups and tests of parachute systems of a new sample of S4-UF, PN - 58F, "Leopard" for crews of an aircrew of army aircraft.

During collecting experts parashyutno - landing service carry out exercises on landing by parachute way day and night, and on a surface of the water.

According to the head of collecting - the chief parashyutno - landing preparation and поисково - a rescue service of office of army aircraft 8-го the army case of the major Ruslan Yatsk, for this time 873 jumps, and until the end of charges which will come to the end on November 24 are already executed, planned to carry out 1755 more jumps.

Women take part in collecting - the military personnel, among which master of sports of the international class ensign Irina Korchmar, the master of sports ensign Tatyana Kuznetsova, instructors on parashyutno - landing preparation ensigns Oksana Tokarska and Elena Fomina, nurses - ukladchitsa of parachutes Nellie Sychova, Galina Hmelivskaya at which on the account from 300 to 5 thousand parachute jumps also.


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