In Ukraine 85 cases of flu A/H1N1, from them 16 – lethal

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In Ukraine 85 cases of pandemic flu A/H1N1, including 16 - deadly laboratorno are confirmed. The chief physician Tsentralnoy reported about it sanitarno - epidemiological station Lyubov Nekrasova on a press - conferences in Kiev on Thursday.

"Preliminary conclusion: it is possible to consider that for today this type of a virus (A/H1N1 - IF) dominates in the territory of the country, and the majority of diseases nevertheless are caused by this type of a virus. But today other types of viruses - seasonal flu and respiratory viruses" circulate also, - she added.

She reported that the Ukrainian experts with WHO experts defined those groups of the diseased which samples go for research in laboratory.

First of all it concerns those patients who are in offices of reanimation and intensive therapy.

L. Nekrasova reported that all since the beginning of epidemic 533 samples were taken, today from them 108 samples are investigated and in 85 cases the disease of pandemic flu A/H1N1 is confirmed.

She also noted that already it isn't necessary to conduct research on each case as the cost of one research makes 220 hryvnias.

Besides, L. Nekrasova emphasized that distribution of a virus happens so quickly that it is just necessary to define any number of researches for the objective analysis which would confirm that is valid among the people who have ached the majority are the patients with pandemic flu A/H1N1.

According to her, these researches need to be made to understand as to work at the following waves of epidemic.

L. Nekrasova also reported that central carries out laboratories till 50-60 researches daily.

"According to these data meanwhile we can tell that where - that 85% of all positive results are flu A/H1N1", - she reported.


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