On General Karpenko St. the new construction conflict

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Any more once residents of the house No. 3 on General Karpenko St. are compelled to be on duty in the yard not to allow there the building beginning. The situation threatens to develop into the new construction conflict.

Residents say that one of apartments in their house belonged to the businessman Oleg Samsonov. When he sold this apartment (approximately a year ago), his mother told residents that her son intends to build in this yard the elite five-storey building on two entrances.

Month - one and a half back in the yard any people took the soil on the analysis - in other words, conducted geodetic examination. Experts in any way weren't presented to residents. But it is known: such researches conduct when any building is planned.

1-го July with 9-and o'clock in the morning tractors stopped by in the yard. To people, naturally, anybody didn't begin to explain anything: pier, arrived to carry out "works". What works, why, on what basis - anybody from living in the yard didn't learn. When residents told workers that invited to the yard of correspondents of the Nash Gorod newspaper and the Internet - the News of N editions, rabotnichka with the equipment at once retired. When journalists arrived, that and the trace caught a cold.

Today, 3-го July, the situation repeated. In the 9th mornings as according to the schedule, it weren't known whom to the yard the tractor and the bulldozer are driven. Some more units fighting (forgive, the worker - real war yet didn't begin) technicians were waiting in the wings outside the yard, stood along the road on Karpenko St.

Surprisingly that tractor operators to whom residents partitioned off the road, flatly refused even to speak, what service they represent and what works intend to carry out in the yard (it thus that on equipment the emblem accurately appeared: "Nikolayevvodokanal").

- Ourselves still know nothing. There has to arrive crew. Only then we will receive instructions as as we have to do.

- And if you are told to plow up all yard, to cut all trees, you too will make it? - residents were indignant.

- Certainly! And what you thought? It is our work …

Staff of Factory regional department of militia who were called by residents, both arrived, and left. They couldn't find out anything (as well as to record something "illegal"):the pier, tractors simply stand, they do nothing, no offense is present at present. And if we also try to expel workers, they after that will expel us - from work spoke.

I honored inhabitants of the yard the visit and the master of "water utility" who tried to convince residents that just for them vodokanalshchik try. And the purpose at them noble - to dig over the yard and to replace pipes as to the neighboring houses water badly arrives. It thus that last year, according to residents, pipes in the yard already changed.

After that to the yard across Karpenko, 3, there arrived representatives of public organization "Our City". The master of "water utility" tried to prove the case a piece of paper which allegedly allows it and his subordinate to carry out in the yard digging works. Who responsible for work and for what in general these works are carried out, in the document why - that didn't appear. Understanding it, the man hastened to hide paper from eyes human down with.

When residents directly began to ask it what exactly here are going to build, the master didn't answer. But also to deny that in the yard building is planned, it too didn't become.

Seeing so active opposition, it gave command to the workers, and those together with equipment left the yard territory. And to the journalist who "dared" to photograph it, threats to break a camera fell down.

Fortunately, the camera remained is whole. And the yard while too remains whole. But, in - the first, according to inhabitants, them are almost on water at home, as below - the filled-up well. If any building, ditch digging here begins - there is a risk that their houses will start leaving under water.

In - the second, to a zone of building will get both a playground, and tens trees which with love were grown up by residents.

And in - the third if "water utility" carried out these works on the lawful bases, residents would be shown at once by all documents, permissions and coordination. That is lawful, becomes openly, instead of on the quiet.


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