The Ochakov forestry under the wood opened 3 hectares of the Sosytsky cape

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During the autumn period in Nikolayevshchina cases of illegal capture of lands and destruction of public pastures by forest department became frequent. Recently the staff of the Southern branch of institute of ecology of NETs of Ukraine elicited the raspashka fact by Ochakov forestry of a virgin steppe site about 3 hectares on the Sosytsky cape which is located by Hugo - to the east of Matiyasovo's village of the Berezansky area. From its top extraordinary picturesque view of Berezansky and Sosytsky estuaries, in a place of their merge opens. It should be noted that the kovylny steppe remained here thanks to archaeological object - the pozneantichny settlement which is under protection of the state. However, once again the forestry ignored all necessary coordination and caused huge damage to the nature and monuments of culture of our edge.

It should be noted that on performance of the nature protection actions provided by the Regional program of environmental protection and rational environmental management for 2000 - 2010, creation of the landscape wildlife area "Sosytsky cape" on what the Nikolaev regional management of forest and hunting economy was notified in the current year was provided.


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