In the Nikolaev receiver - the distributor for children of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs opening of "The green room"

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On November 19 on the eve of celebration of the World day of the child in the receiver - the distributor for children of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area opening of "The green room" took place.

In due time Vasily Sukhomlinsky told: "Punishment of the child you won't rescue. On - parental, on - maternal to wish well is means to block expensive to the evil to children's heart, to close heart of the child from the evil". Therefore among workers of the receiver - the distributor can't be foreign, indifferent people. They do everything possible that pupils felt that there is other life that there is an opportunity to improve - it isn't necessary to be afraid of the mistakes, transfers TsOS Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area.

In general the reasons of teenage crime is as not always favorable economic conditions, and dysfunctional families in which parents don't carry out a duty concerning the children. Therefore correctly say that the receiver - the distributor is a station where it is possible to change the direction of life of children which got to a crisis situation.

For social and legal protection of teenagers, carrying out psychological prevention and correction of deviations in behavior of children, identification and elimination of the reasons and conditions which promote commission by minors of illegal actions and "The green room" was created. The main plan of creation of this room - reduction or elimination nervously - psychological intensity, improvement of relationship with parents, reduction of psychological unbalance and cruelty, prevention of conflict situations, formation of a healthy lifestyle, training of functions of attention, memory and education of strong-willed qualities.

The organization of scheduled, psychological and educational maintenance in "The green room" is carried out on the basis of an individual approach to each of teenagers taking into account extent of their development.


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