The Nikolaev fighters practically aren't ill, military physicians

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"In the military units deployed in the Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas only single cases of diseases of the military personnel flu and sharp respiratory virus infections are registered". The chief reported about it today, on November 19, 27-го regional sanitarno - epidemiological group - the chief state health officer of the region the colonel of a health serviceMikhail Tverezovsky, transfers the Ministry of Defence.

He also noted that group or flashing incidence in noted garrisons for this time isn't present. The epidemic situation controllable, but its dynamics changes almost daily.

- In all garrisons which enter a zone of responsibility 27-го regional sanitarno - epidemiological group, purposeful work on the organization and strengthening of anti-epidemic actions on prevention of drift and distribution of sharp respiratory virus infections among the military personnel is conducted, - the colonel of a health service Mikhail Tverezovsky noted.

In particular, in Odessa, according to the decision of the State extraordinary anti-epidemic commission of the Odessa regional state administration "About an epidemic situation in the world, in Ukraine on flu A (H1N1)", concerning prevention of a disease by this type of flu military physicians carry out all necessary preventive measures in close cooperation with experts Odessa regional sanitarno - epidemiological station.

On the basis of this decision virologic diagnostics of the military personnel with suspicion of a disease of flu A (H1N1) is carried out by the Central immune virologic laboratory of the Odessa regional SES. In the same laboratory for this time two doctors - bacteriological 27-го regional sanitarno - epidemiological group gain practical experience concerning flu diagnostics.

It should be noted that in Voyenno - the medical clinical center of the Southern region which is headed by the colonel of a health serviceVladimir Maydanyuk, there are all necessary means and medical preparations for successful treatment of the military personnel who fell ill with flu or ORVI.

- Due to the renewal of draft campaign for young replenishment which will arrive to military units, quarantine actions for not less than for 7 days will be applied, - the colonel of a health servicereportedMikhail Tverezovsky. - In a case when in division of young replenishment of patients it won't appear, they will perform the subsequent tasks together with the main structure of part.

At the same time, by Voyenno's experts - the medical clinical center of the Southern region together with command of military units it is generalized and sent in sanitarno - epidemiological management of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine the needs of military units of the Southern region given relatively for a vaccine against seasonal and pandemic flu.

The chief state health officer of the region also noted that from the vaccination beginning first of all it will be received by so-called groups of the increased risk - medical workers, staff of command points and communication centers, persons who constantly contact to visitors.

- Vaccination in prevention of infectious diseases is the most important effective action of counteraction of a flu epidemic both seasonal, and pandemic, - the Chief state health officer of the region the colonel of a health servicenotedMikhail Tverezovsky. - For today this only specific means of prevention of diseases.


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