Greece disowned from problems of the vessel "Ariana" taken by pirates onboard which there are Nikolaev seamen

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Greece doesn't take part in negotiations on release of the Ukrainian seamen - crew members of the vessel "Ariana" from piracy captivity.

As the correspondent reportsUNIAN, today I declared it on a press - conferences the ambassador of Greece in Ukraine Georgios GEORGUNTZOS.

Answering a question, whether Greece takes part in negotiations on release of seamen, the ambassador told: "My answer accurate - isn't present".

Thus he noted that Greece has no right to take part in negotiations on release of seamen of the vessel "Ariana" as this vessel goes under the flag of Malta, and the company - the owner and the company - the operator of the vessel "are not the Greek companies".

According to G. GEORGUNTZOS, from the very beginning of appeals of the Ukrainian party to Greece in a question of release of the vessel "Ariana" Greece declared that Ukraine has to address to Malta, reports the UNIAN.

"As a rule, negotiations conduct with the assistance of the party which possesses the ship, the country under the flag of which the ship, and with the participation of the third state having interest on this case goes. In this case the Ukrainian party as 24 seamen of a vessel are Ukrainians" has the greatest interest, - G. GEORGUNTZOS told. "I consider that you (the Ukrainian party - the UNIAN) knock at the wrong doors and have to address to those who according to international law bears responsibility", - he added.

The ambassador also noted that the company - the operator of a vessel has the residence in Panama, and Spyros of MINAS is the employee of office of this company in Athens.

According to the ambassador, it doesn't grant the right of Greece to interfere with the processes happening between the companies.

He also reported that in an obligation of office of the company, located in Athens, the crew set, in a case with "Ariana" - together with the Ukrainian company "Ukrkryuing" enters, in particular.

"Greece - the big sea center, and in Greece is offices of many sea companies of the world, and it doesn't mean that Greece is responsible for a set of crews of all ships of the world", - G. GEORGUNTZOS told.

We will remind that the Ariana bulk ship was captured on May 2 this year to North - I will sink down from the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean. The bulk ship followed from Brazil to the Middle East with freight in 35 thousand tons of soy.Pirates requested from the owner repayment. In hostages pirates still have 24 Ukrainian seamen, a sort from the Odessa and Nikolaev areas.


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