So the Nikolaev rescuers and defenders of animals

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Within the program of rehabilitation of animals, affected by ill treatment, the Nikolaev city society of protection of animals can't do without the help of kind and sympathetic people.

Our everyday life is filled with a big problem of feeding and treatment.

The holiday for us is when our wards are "adopted" by understanding and responsible people.

Every day in Society citizens appeal to help the next unfortunate animals.

But, that we could rescue once again someone, the help of all not indifferent people is extremely necessary for us.

(on a photo: Yakovenko Evgeny, sports - Kiokushin of Karate club)

After all it is necessary to feed each animal 2 times a day, and anything got, and qualitative and good nutrition with addition of vitamins, meat, fish, dairy products and vegetables.

Gritsay Ekaterina (employee of the Department of Internal Affairs)

We have exhausted, exhausted animals. They need attention and psychological support

Our task - to return them belief in human good, to restore their physical force.

(on a photo: Yakovenko Svetlana)

It is hard. It is very long process. Attentive, responsible and caring human hands are for this purpose necessary.

Today they extremely don't suffice to us. We not always can pay someone's services. Therefore we call volunteers to the aid of these which are so depending on us, Nature and God creations.

Also believe, they have no passports, a nationality, skin color, and belonging to any political party. Therefore to them the people having heart and soul go for help only.

To each person who has come to the rescue to these unfortunate creations, we aren't simply grateful,we believe that the future for our city and for our new generation I will be


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