While in the neighboring room the son slept, the husband beat the woman within an inch of the life

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The militia statistics testifies that among committed crimes crimes against the highest social value - human life are the most widespread. Motives, the purposes and the reasons of their commission are various: jealousy, household quarrels, alcoholism. Also it becomes terrible that once close people become tyrants or murderers: the brother raises a hand against the brother, the father on the son, the husband beats the wife …

Recently in BSMP it was delivered 43 - the summer woman with the diagnosis "a rupture of a 12-perstny gut" and "a separation of a gall bladder", reports Sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia. As it became clear later, I caused these heavy injuries to it 54 - the summer cohabitant.

The day before the couple suited a funeral dinner on the died grandmother. Having remembered "properly" the old woman, spouses decided to sort out among themselves the relations. Little by little - and in the house the present family drama was played. The apogee was such is - the woman so angered the man that that with rage attacked on it, almost to death having beaten hands and feet.

As parents swore, the son and the nephew sleeping in the neighboring room heard. However they so got used to scandals in the house that decided not to interfere. By the morning to the woman it became absolutely bad, it was necessary to call the ambulance.


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