Nikolaev "tyagnibokovets" want to see

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According to the head of the Svoboda VO Nikolaev regional organization P. Yurlov, the local organization yet had no conflicts with нацменьшинам. He declared it in exclusive interview To "The Nikolaev Messages".

"Relations with them now the normal. We respect all if respect us, our language, history and culture. However we admit to our party only Ukrainians, but the former communists and atheists can't become our members. They can be our supporters, but not party members, the same concerns also representatives нацменьшин. We want to come to that at the power there were only Ukrainians. Why in Georgia at the power there are no Ukrainians? And in Russia and other states? There too isn't present", - the head of the regional organization noted.

Interesting the answer to a question of how Tyahnybok's local supporters treat an act of the owner of "Hundred part" Victor Gorbachev which forbade waitresses to serve Caucasians at the restaurant turned out also?

"First of all, this its right. He is an owner and it has the right to let in and serve whom wants. It is bad that it not the member of our party. We not against it it was", - P. Yurlov told.


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