The Russian Federation BSF submarine roughly violated the Ukrainian law

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The submarine of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation "ALROSA", punishing I left the territory of Ukraine, are accused of violation of arrangements.

The submarine of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation "ALROSA" on which yesterday there was a non-staff situation, having left the territory of Ukraine and having gone to coast of Georgia, very coarsely I violated two-way deals and the Ukrainian legislation.

It was declared by the editor voyenno - the expert Flot2017 edition Dmitry Timchuk, making comments on a non-staff situation which arose yesterday on "ALROSA" submarine.

Thus, as the expert emphasizes, on this fact still there is no official position command of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation, neither the Ministry of Defence, nor the General Staff of this state.

"Obviously, the truth about "ALROSA" submarine nevertheless becomes property of the public. Sooner or later. The only thing, in what there is a wish to trust, - that with seamen of "ALROSA" everything is normal, they are live and healthy. It, perhaps, the most important", - was told by the expert.

In his opinion, from the arisen situation it is possible to draw such conclusions.

"First of all, in the BSF of the Russian Federation nobody is going to tell the truth on the concrete situations having public value, on a condition of fleet - that is important for sevastopolets and inhabitants of Ukraine where the BSF of Russia is deployed", - считаетТимчук.

"That is - it is worth expecting that true details of activity growing old and the Black Sea fleet constituting the increasing technological danger disappear over time and will disappear. Therefore "protection" of Ukrainians against dangerous activity of the BSF of the Russian Federation - work of Ukrainians", - the military expert is convinced.

Thus he paid attention to the comment of the representative of department of information support Voyenno - Navy of the Russian Federation that "the situation on the submarine of "ALROSA" doesn't constitute danger to crew and the submarine".

Besides, the expert emphasized that "anybody why - that doesn't pay attention to a detail which no anonymous sources with the BSF of the Russian Federation disprove, and on the contrary - confirm". "Namely:"fighting units of the Black Sea fleet of Russia carry out tasks near the coast of Georgia", working from the territory of Ukraine, and in the Ukraine anybody and doesn't guess it", - Timchuk states.

In his opinion, "this "underground" exit in "ALROSA" sea, without notice the Ukrainian party, the BSF of the Russian Federation in which time very coarsely violated two-way deals about basing of fleet and the Ukrainian legislation".

"It means not only that to the Russian side all these arrangements and Ukraine as a whole are indifferent. It also means: at any time Ukraine can be again involved in armed conflict at will of Moscow. ", - the expert emphasized.

We will remind, on the night of November 21 onboard only for today the efficient submarine of the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation of "ALROSA" there was a non-staff situation.

At the same time the representative of the Navy of the Russian Federation reported that "after return to base and elimination of malfunctions the submarine will return on the range for performance of educational tasks".

The submarine was at distance in 150 km from Sukhumi (Abkhazia).


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