The festival of the arts "ART Listopad" in Nikolaev proceeds! For today audiotea

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The festival of the arts "ART Listopad" in Nikolaev proceeds! "ART Listopad" is the annual festival of arts presented by a series of cultural actions during the whole month. Problem of a festival is development of cultural life of residents of Nikolaev and the neighboring regions, acquaintance with modern art forms.

The following festival action - audiotea which will take place today, on November 27. It is precedent in the world of projects therefore interestingly has to be anyway.

Audiotea means listening of modern audiostories and audioverses, and also joint tea drinking with the subsequent discussion of the heard. The beginning at 19.00, a place carrying out - Chaynaya cafe (Spasskaya, 45/Lyagina). Entrance: the free.

Program of a festival of 2009:

Exhibition of a lomografiya
Gallery on Spasskaya, 45

Fair the Hand - мэйд

Week festival an art - a house of cinema
Chaynaya cafe (Spasskaya/Lyagin)

The master - a class on design
Nikolaev youth center

Competition of short cinema "Videokross-3"
Art - Bashnya cafe

Chaynaya cafe (Spasskaya/Lyagin)

ART evening: music, literature, dances
Art - Kladoffka cafe

Also will be carried out a hand - мэйд a workshop and film screening for children from Boarding school No. 3.

Competition of short cinema "Videokross-3"
Start: On December 3, 18-00, to/t "Multiplex" (City - the Center, the 3rd floor)
Film screening of competitive video: On December 6, 18-00, Arth - Bashnya cafe (Kosmonavtov St., OST. Electronic)
Entrance: free

The master - a class on design
Date: On December 4, 19-00
Place: Nikolaev youth center (Small Sea/admiral's)
Entrance: 10 UAH

Week festival an art - хауз cinema
Date: On December 7 - on December 13, 18-00, 20-30
Place: Chaynaya cafe (Spasskaya/Lyagin)
Entrance on each session: 10 UAH

Fair Hand-Made
Date: On December 12, 12.00 - 16.00
Place:Nikolaev youth center (Small Sea/admiral's)
Entrance: free

ART evening: music, literature, dances
Date: On December 18, 20-00
Place: Art - Kladoffka
cafeEntrance: 20 UAH


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