Russia will take away from Ukraine toxins which are stored in eight regions, including – and in the Nikolaev area

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Russia won the tender for processing of the Ukrainian melange - a toxic component of rocket fuel that remained since the USSR.

Ukraine prepares for sending to Russia the train with melange - a highly toxic component of rocket fuel. Toxic chemicals will be utilized at two Russian plants.

Operation on export of dangerous freight is performed under the auspices of OSCE. Until the end of next year to our country it is planned to take out over three thousand tons of waste.

Thus Ukraine gets rid of the dangerous military waste stored in the territory of our country still since the USSR.

"Melange" - a component of liquid rocket fuel for more than 90 percent consisting of nitric acid and on small part from sulfuric acid. Infernal mix corrodes over time walls of metal capacities. To avoid leak, "melange" from time to time pour in new tanks. Direct contact with the active environment is especially dangerous.

Kalinovka - one of eight places in the territory of Ukraine where "melange" is stored. There are warehouses in Kiev, Lvov, Ivano - Frankovskoy, Vinnytsia, Odessa,Nikolaevand Kharkov areas, and also in the Crimea. In Kalinovke after sending the first consignment remained 500 with small tons. Officers in chemical protection suits for days on end pump over rocket fuel in special railway tanks.

We will note that for the last 7 years some republics of the former Soviet Union got rid of this rocket fuel, in particular, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Georgia.

After full utilization of melange in Vinnytsia region and Prikarpatye, from where now take out toxins, from the territory of Ukraine the fifth part of rocket fuel will disappear only. Other storages will wait for OSCE decision. For utilization of toxic agents Kiev has no money.

Russia won the tender for utilization against several countries, including against the Ukraine. Echelons with acid go on two plants - to Dzerzhinsk the Nizhny Novgorod Region and to the city of Biisk of the Altai territory.

It is possible to make fertilizers and explosives of nitric acid for the defensive industry. To contractors from processing double benefit.For the first party of melange from Ukraine the plant will receive 5 million euros, for processing of all rest of acid - 30 million euros.


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