The deep-water course "Danube-Black Sea" advances the Romanian competitor: in November the Ukrainian channel used 150 суден

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In November a deep-water ship course "Danube-Black Sea" passed150 vessels also are transported for 46% of freights more than, than last month, reports a press - The Delta — the Pilot company service.

It is 7 vessels more, than last month. It isthe second indicator by quantity of vessel calls in one monthfor the entire period since navigation restoration in April, 2007. We will remind, the record - 180 vessel calls - fell on August, 2009. The third indicator - October, 2008 - 144 vessel calls.

The Ukrainian GSH steadily and surely advances also the Romanian competitor. In November of yearon the Sulinsky channel it is carried out only 108 судпроходов.

In Novemberthe recordis repeated by number of courts which passed through the Fast branch in one days - on November 25 passed 11 vessels. As much vessel calls in days it was recorded only 1 time - on October 2 this year.

- The Ukrainian GSH is competitive. Indicators of quantity of vessel calls and freght traffics through the branch Fast - bright to that confirmation. Systemically making efforts, every month Ukraine strengthens the positions in Pridunavye and as the proof it is served by dry statistics, - the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot"notedAlexander Golodnitsky.

According to him, it became possible, including, thanks to that the protecting dam of the sea approach channel in full carries out the functions that allowsto ensure safety of navigationalso is evident argument of gravity of intentions of Ukraine.

- Other advantages of the Ukrainian deep-water ship course - convenient connection with the sea, opportunity round-the-clock and bilateral movement on natural sleeves of Danube and lower (will allow to increase loading by 40-60%) also, than in Romania, tariffs, - the director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot"notesAlexander Golodnitsky.

For the entire period, since the moment of restoration of navigation in April, 2007, through GSH passed vessels under flags of the different countries, namely: Ukraine, Russia, Sierra - Leon, Turkey, Moldova, Panama, Malta, Bulgaria, Liberia, etc.From them under the Ukrainian flag - 1504 vessels (44,7% of total of vessel calls), under a foreign flag - 1859 vessels (55,3%).

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