The Nikolaev archeologists made the most valuable discoveries in Ukraine

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Despite crisis, our scientists - archeologists in the expiring year managed to make a large number of important opening.

And unusual the Segodnya newspaper allocated the most significant in a peculiar hit - parade.

Archaeological monuments of Nikolayevshchina got to it also.

On the fifth place ancient foot bridge and skates of the Wild Garden. Deputy director of NDTs "Curved seashore", head of the UNPNikolaev city organizationAlexander SmirnovI told: "This year доисследовался defensive ditch. When we found the first bridge through a ditch in 2002 is there was a sensation, and here still the second. It, less powerful, than the first, most likely, was foot". One more artifact - the skates from a bone: "Them used for hunting and underwater catching. It accelerated and simplified movement of the person".

On the ninth place Borisfenida's iron hand-made articles. Borisfenida - the most ancient antique monument in the territory not only Ukraine, but also all Northern Black Sea Coast. It is located on the island Berezan.

"This year we investigated теменос - a sacred site where Aphrodite's temple was found. - The deputy director of NDTs "Curved seashore", the head of the UNPNikolaev city organization tellsAlexander Smirnov. - We found there a number of ironworks workshops with a huge number of ceramics. Besides the broken the whole forms were found also. Found coins - delfinchik, coins - shooters - the most ancient in the territory of Ukraine. And still - marble luteriya, that is a bowl for washing, like that in which Pontius Pilate" washed hands.

And, at last, on the tenth place a grave of the Roman, a bowl from мегары and the ancient decree from Olviya.

As we see, from ten most interesting archeological finds of Ukraine, the whole three places were taken by finds of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area. It means that our area is rich with monuments of ancient history, unique in own way. To us to eat than be proud and eat what to preserve.


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