Tsvetochnikam on Spasskaya again got – today the militia issued on them админпротоколы

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Today in the flower market on Spasskaya St. revival was again noticed - "military operations" of the builder (firmin any way won't end"Credo") which constructed pavilion on a place where always on the street tsvetochnik - on the one hand traded, and same tsvetochnik on the other hand.

Employees of sector of management of civil service on fight against economic crime checked documents of dealers and, having found out that they have no permission to trade on the sidewalk, started making админпротоколы.

Tsvetochniki explained what exactly this place by him was specified by the owner of "Credo" with whom they have to sign any day contracts. But here the question - whether is handed over pavilion"Credo"in operation through state architecturally - whether construction control and all at him as it should be with documents? If yes, that why tsvetochnik at pavilion (as tsvetochnik from the sidewalk claim, offtakers at whom in "Credo" of the arrangements there work), having caught sight of militiamen, started being turned quickly?

But the fact remains - started checking from the sidewalk. And trustful tsvetochnik didn't know that the oral instruction "Credo" on that they traded in this place - not the sufficient proof of their correctness. In prosecutor's office and in court the instruction"Credo"didn't appeal - as a result - trade in an unspecified place.

- You have the right to appeal against the protocol in prosecutor's office or in a judicial order, at present you have no permission to trade in this place, - the chief of sector of public service on fight against economic crime, the militia majorcommunicated with tsvetochnikVladimir Fedan.

- It is a custom-made campaign, you exactly here specially sent, - tsvetochnik suggested.

- The employees were sent here personally by me, and here nobody sent me, - reportedVladimir Ivanovich.

- Us here moved for the period of construction of this building when pavilion will put in operation, we will sign lease contracts. […] We here stand two months.

As reportedVladimir Fedan, testing will be undergone by all dealers. But for what time - a matter of time.


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