Against human trafficking, slavery, violence – the Nikolaev fund "Lyubistok"

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Men, women and children of different age, the social status, any nationality and religion can become victims of human trafficking. As a rule, dealers in people use the most unprotected segments of the population, mainly - women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation, use in pornobusiness and for operation on a hard work, reports Sector of public relations of the Nikolaev municipal government of militia.

The most important for these people after such psychological trauma to feel the help and support. Providing information, psychological, legal and financial support injured with human trafficking is the leader in activity of the Nikolaev Fund "Lyubistok".

It, in particular, consultations of the psychologist and the lawyer, the help of the lawyer during a pretrial investigation and court sessions. The educational seminars which purpose is increase of awareness and capacity of public organizations, public institutions and law enforcement agencies are held. Recently by the World day of fight against slavery the Lyubistok Fund carried out the round table which subject there was a question easily "Li to be the child if you have experience of the slave? ".

On it there were representatives of law-enforcement structures, the state organizations who work in the sphere of human trafficking both in the city of Nikolaev and in the Nikolaev area. Leaders of public organizations and representatives of law-enforcement structures told vital stories about mockery and awful experience of children who endured the traumatic events connected with operation, violence, mockery, and gained experience of slaves. Many of such children can't communicate and come into contact with the coevals, are afraid of adults, have no elementary life skills and education according to their age; some of them suffer from dependences.

Participants of a round table tried to come to optimum mutually agreed actions in such complex problems as the prevention of external migration, counteraction to human trafficking and elimination of child labor.

Summing up the aforesaid, there is a wish to provide to our citizens some councils before they will decide to go abroad.

1) The international passport, the visa and travel documents process and pay these services personally. Documents for registration of the visa need to be provided in consular department personally.

2) Trust nobody your passport. Make a photocopy of the passport and all documents and lodge them to the person to whom you trust.

3) Leave close and native detailed information on the residence abroad, in particular a photo and the address of the foreign friends.

4) Learn phone numbers of the Ukrainian Embassies and consulates the abroad and you store them at yourself.

If you came to be in a difficult situation the abroad, address to official representatives of the country who will help you.

Be careful and take care!


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