Tuberculosis inoculations will do by a vaccine of Denmark

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As reports a press - service of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, since yesterday, on regions of Ukraine began to carry a vaccine for an antitubercular inoculation of children of BTsZh (BCG SSI) of production of Denmark.

The situation with untimely supply of noted vaccine was connected with delay of the tender for its purchase almost for 1,5 months and vaccine quality check. Having carried out all stages of researches in the Center of immunobiological preparations, and having received confirmation of indicators of quality, experts gave out permission to application of noted preparation.

It is known that in Ukraine the condition of epidemic of tuberculosis continues to remain. Incidence of the population of Ukraine in 2007 made - 79,8 people on 100 thousand. (For comparison: in the developed European countries and the USA - 6 - 9 persons on 100 thousand). The number of the dead made in 2007 of 10506 people. Incidence of adult population aged from 18 years also was more senior than 94,6 people on 100 thousand of adult population.

About 40% of patients according to bacteriological research allocate with active tuberculosis mikobakteriya of tuberculosis and are the main source of infection of children and teenagers. In the conditions of epidemic there is a high risk of infection by tuberculosis in any place (transport, shop, even on the street by means of a dust which contains microparticles of a saliva of the sick person). Children, owing to the anatomist - physiological features, is the most vulnerable to a tubercular infection category of the population.

According to world researches at infected with mikobakteriya of tuberculosis (MBT) of adults the annual risk of a disease makes 0,4%. At 5-10% of the adults infected with MBT, during life tuberculosis develops. At infected MBT of children aged till 1 year the risk of a disease of tuberculosis makes 40%, aged from 1 till 4 years - 23%.

At the same time, thanks to system of early identification of a tubercular infection existing in Ukraine and tuberculosis prevention (first of all immunizations by BTsZh vaccine), for many years it was possible to contain growth of incidence by tuberculosis among children. It were nearly 10 times lower, than at adults (9,4 on 100 thousand population in 2007).

Considering importance of antitubercular inoculations, the decision concerning expediency of application of a vaccine of BTsZh SSI of production of the State serologichesky institute (SSI, Copenhagen, Denmark) was made. Transition to the mentioned vaccine was predetermined among other things and that, according to world scientific researches, for an effective inoculation the vaccinal strain has to be replaced periodically.

It should be noted that the producer of a vaccine conducted the large-scale controlled researches which results testify to its efficiency and safety. For today the preparation is applied in 43 countries of the world, and this strain is used by VOOZ as the reviewer - a sample for control of other vaccines against tuberculosis.

Despite of positive characteristics of a preparation, for the purpose of effective application of the Danish vaccine and monitoring of possible complications, Ministry of Health for the first time for years of independence created the working group which deals with issues of introduction of a vaccine of BTsZh SSI. According to physicians, for the first time the state so detailed and attentively approached to a question of transition to other vaccine. Pediatricians, a neonatology, phthisiatricians, infectiologists, representatives санэпидемслужбы were a part of group of 18 persons.

Despite of antivaktsinalny moods and speculation now round a vaccine of the European quality, doctors among the main characteristics and advantages of a vaccine of BTsZh SSI call the following:

- High immunogenicity. 95% of children to which vaccination is done by this vaccine, become tuberkulinopozitivny

- High purity. The vaccine doesn't contain harmful additives that provides minimization of allergic and toxic reactions

- The vaccine is certified by World Health Organization. Production and approbation of a vaccine are carried out according to WHO recommendations, and meets the requirements of the European Union

- The strain of BTsZh SSI is used in all countries of the European Union

- Convenient form of release - in bottles from dark glass. Advantages in comparison with an ampulny form: protection against light; bottles are guaranteed sterile; low risk of damage; easy and safe dissolution of a vaccine;the stopper is made of neutral substance which eliminates possibility of allergic reactions

- Low level of collateral reactions (by results of tests in 32 countries of the world)

- The studied sensitivity of a strain of BTsZh SSI to the main antitubercular preparations that is important for treatment in case of complications.


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