The Nikolaev paratroopers held the hand-to-hand fight Championship, devoted 30-й to anniversary of introduction of troops to Afghanistan

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Yesterday, on December 29, in 79-й to the Nikolaev separate airmobile crew the Open hand-to-hand fight championship, devoted 30-oh to anniversary of introduction of troops to the Democratic Republic Afghanistan took place.

As the commander of crew colonel Konstantin Maslennikov, thus the Nikolaev paratroopers told decided to note courage and heroism of the Soviet soldiers which against the will got to this far-away east country, but did everything possible for establishment and maintenance in it of the world and tranquillity.

On a visit to soldiers in blue berets there arrived the chairman of the Nikolaev regional federation of soldiers - Afghans Alexander Tokarev. Addressing the tournament beginning, he thanked paratroopers that they don't forget about acts of the predecessors and urged to continue the affairs military glory of soldiers - Afghans.

As for the championship, it was held in six weight categories: to 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 kilograms also took in it participation eight teams, representing divisions of airmobile connection. The greatest of them - 1-й airmobile - a landing battalion - exposed on a carpet at once two teams. By the way, both of them became prize-winners of the championship, having won as a result the second and third place in an all-team competition. And the first place in fierce fight was won by fighters from razvedyvatelno - a landing company.

Except team championship separately judiciary board which was headed by the commander of connection colonel Konstantin Maslennikov, marked out the private of a prospecting company Nikolay Yakimov. The scout carried out the shortest and effective fight having won against the opponent in only 26 seconds.

Reference: In only 79-й the Nikolaev separate airmobile crew at different times I served more than three hundred soldiers - Afghans. Now here serves only five. The most known among them - the chief of engineering service of crew the major Valery Boyshtyan serving in Afghanistan in 1987-88 in inzhenerno - an engineer battalion 101 гв vozdushno - a landing division. The officer - the gentleman of an award "Red Star" and the medal "For Courage".


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