In Nikolaev started the International tournament on female boxing

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If 7-го June all work of Tournament (registration of arriving guests - participants) was concentrated in silent, cool, stylish foyers and a conference - the River Hotel hall, 8-го focus of activity moved to hall SK "Hope" - the First international boxing Cup of Nikolaev started.

In the Nikolaev ring passed the first fights of perfect, strongest women's teams of the world: Bulgaria, Israel, Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, the Czech Republic and both structures of the National team of Ukraine (as the countries - hostesses Turnira).

Boxers of not having opportunities to arrive to us India with France, and the "late" Croatia, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Canada - chance to act in a premier Cup of Nikolaev missed... Thus, for prizes of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk 80 forewomen from 10 "very best" states in female boxing battle. Yes as battle!

Respectfully - the efficient silence in hall SK "Hope" held on only during welcome speech to aggressive guests of head of sports of Nikolayevshchina Nikolay Sadovsky and a kind parting word to all girls - boxers of the world of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk. Well, and still, of course, the solemn atmosphere kept during Parade of participants. And then … Us began to teach, properly to be ill!

Ultraboundary decibels absolutely unusual in this hall it is shrill - ringing voices, in the most different languages, from fighting councils any (probably), from a cocky chant of names and names of the countries to the obvious indignant protests with whistle … Add to it a type of sportswoman furiously supporting girlfriends … easy sitting in "twine"! Against rolling, ustrashayushche deafening sounds of the blows created by the next pretty amazon in her last before an exit in a ring warm-up "fight" with the trainer...

Also there was a Boxing. Real. Technical. Rigid. Bolny. Brave. On the limit of maiden forces.
In the first day of fights of Tournament 14 couples sportswomen acted:

46кг victory Svetlana Korkishko (UKR-2) vs Chasekhio Karnela (ITA) score 6:3
48кг defeat Natalya Knyaz (UKR-2) vs Gulseda Basibutun (TUR) account 7:9
48кг victory Yustina Novitska (POL) vs Victoria Zhurakovskaya (ISR) score 8:4
48кг defeat Tatyana Dakhina (UKR-1) vs Silvia La Notte (ITA) score 0:3
48кг defeat Olga Rudneva (RUS) vs Vera Makresova (UKR-2) score 2:3
50кг defeat Tatyana Kob (UKR-1) vs Cumeir Kai - Язиси (TUR) score 2:4
52кг victory Nadezhda Hayenok (UKR-2) vs Oksana Zarudnyak (BUL) score 12:4
52кг defeat Irina Petrenko (UKR-2) vs Asya Tas (TUR) score 3:16
52кг victory Victoria Rudenko (UKR-1) vs Olesya Kravchenko (MOL) score 23:2
52кг victory Victoria Usatchenko (RUS) vs Yana Yuranova (CZE) score 17:2
54кг victory Lyudmila Gritsay (UKR-1) vs Carolina Mikhalchuk (POL) score 12:11
54кг Loong Iwashchenko (MOL's) defeat vs Merem Zeybek Aslan (TUR) score 0:5
63кг defeat of Jan Zavyalov (UKR-1) vs Yuli Tsiplakov (UKR-2) score 2:3
63кг victory Oksana Biryukova (UKR-2) vs Melek Erkan (TUR) score 3:2

The honored trainer of Ukraine Nikolay Hadzhioglo to whom got and напереживаться for the both teams, and it is healthy "намахаться" a towel (it секундировал to all Ukrainian sportswomen), in the first fighting day I received a special gift: his pupil Luda Gritsay won a heavy duel with Polish "the first glove", Champion of Europe.

Two rounds obviously remained behind the well-known Nikolaev bokserka, in the third Carolina, the account - 12:11 was stronger! Naturally, the Polish friends were very upset...

Boxers - competitors, already through a quarter of hour, peacefully sat side by side on spectator places and friendly divided for two a "Coca" small bottle.

Here whom hands hurt today not from work with a towel, but from the mass of handshakes of very old friends - acquaintances - so it the trainer of the Israeli team Yakov Burlik known in the past of the Nikolaev trainer (at it, even before arrival to Nikolay Hadzhioglo, I took the first steps in boxing the glorified city of Nikolaev for the whole world the unique kickboxer Igor Pavlenko) and the old friend Nikolay Hadzhioglo.

(the remained days of Tournament)

On July 9, Wednesday - from 16:00, 17 duels
On July 10, Thursday - from 16:00, 11 duels
On July 11, Friday - from 16:00, 12 duels
On July 12, Saturday - from 10:00, 13 duels - the FINAL, rewardings, the Tournament

closing ceremony

Entrance to SK "Hope" in days of Tournament for the Nikolaev audience - free.
You come, support all color of the strongest girls collected in Nikolaev - boxers
the world - desperate and nice, strong and reasonable little girls of 10 countries!


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