Tuberculosis: three histories of one illness

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Little shock
Years so four back a class in which my child studies, - very safe school, successful children, - according to plan reduced in a tubdispanser. At whom test to Mant was increased, made the roentgenogram, - just in case. The result of this, in principle, ordinary action drove parents in shock.
In pictures lungs of our children - fie, fie, fie! - represented a terrible picture. All children have started forms of tuberculosis, in lungs a hole on a hole … We recovered and in parallel rushed about in search of treatment of a terrible problem: how to treat, rescue what, in general, to do? ! Question "From where? " in such situation a little bit leaves on the second plan …
Meanwhile, the most interesting detail, by the way, incidentally became clear! It appeared, whether something for the sake of economy, whether for what highest reasons, pictures became on written-off, repeatedly overdue film. From an old age the photoemulsion layer went bubbles and fell down, showing the terrible centers of tuberculosis …
There was to be indignant no sense - physicians only shrugged shoulders. You know supposedly in what state at us medicine - money on anything doesn't suffice. Well, saved on your children unsuccessfully. So you rejoice that it is a mistake. And if it would be tuberculosis? ! Any, the logic in it is. As well as what to pay, for example, for a fresh and qualitative film parents … had no right, at all their desire, - to children the tubdispanser is obliged to carry out such researches free of charge.
History, of course, old, I also remember it not from rancor. For certain both in a tubdispanser, and in all - all other medical institutions since then there were irreversible changes to the best. Doctors learned to diagnose, treat and love people. For it to them raised a salary and created normal conditions for work. With the equipment and medicines - too any no problem. Don't laugh, the truth after all, - there is a wish to trust in the good.
Especially as in policlinic in a residence I very much try not to drive the child. To itself is more expensive. I fly as - нибудь on - to another and at others. As, probably, and many other mothers.Therefore me also doesn't surprise that serious children's diagnoses become a bolt from the blue even in quite safe families. Especially, if it is a question of artful tuberculosis. What and to speak about families unsuccessful!

"Fur" diagnosis
At parents 15 - to summer Anechki the small business connected with manufacture of fur and production of products from it. Probably, the inevitable suspension of pile and a dust in air with which it was necessary to breathe, provoked and aggravated an illness. For certain the main reason of the incident that one of employees hid from all: it has an open form of tuberculosis, - was afraid to lose work … Plus - our general carelessness and elementary medical illiteracy.
Anyway, thought suddenly rather late. The girl grew thin, turned pale in the face of all, but … with all the heart to it rejoiced! Here supposedly what I become harmonous and beautiful, to little girls on envy.
Maiden psychosis of growing thin brought Ania, thought: it just like that was lucky it … Besides, tuberculosis at the girl proceeded long time almost bessimptomno and was revealed absolutely incidentally! She is actively treated for half a year. Forecasts of doctors the most optimistical. But nobody can take the word. Especially, to doctors. Especially, in awkward age difficult in every respect.
12- summer Angela with parents was lucky much less. Mother died long ago, the father strongly washed down. Then I met with other woman sick with chronic tuberculosis. All family caught a terrible infection. Anzhelka often was ill earlier but who would began to pay attention to it?
Thank God, childless relatives took away the girl to themselves, to Nikolaev, and began to treat intensively. They did such attempts earlier, but the father strongly objected against moving of the child from the village where they lived, to the city. Unfortunately, the illness was already strongly started, Angela needed urgent operation on removal of part of a lung. The illness receded, for memory of it there was a huge scar, from a back to a breast …

Wonderful healing
At 7 - summer Kostik everything developed absolutely differently. And remained obscure how the child even in infancy caught tuberculosis. Having despaired to receive effective result from treatment, the family moved to the country. Kostya undertook to treat that is called national methods: pair milk, fresh eggs, herbs, etc. What exactly helped it: nonconventional medicine or enthusiasm of parents, - it is difficultly to tell, but the boy is now almost healthy.Contrary to forecasts of physicians. All these three histories with the happy end. Alas, хэппи - энд happens not always. Each 15 seconds in the world the person dies of tuberculosis. In a year the number of the dead equals to the population of two areas, our and Kherson, for example. How many on this huge cemetery of children's graves? On a tuberculosis mortality rate Ukraine wins first place in Europe. The number of patients with tuberculosis annually grows in Ukraine on 38-40 thousand.


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