Nikolayevets carried out an action to Koblevo in support of the doctrines "Xi Briz — 2008"

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Yesterday, on July 8 in Koblevo's village there took place an action in support of Euro - the Atlantic integration. The territory of this village in some days will take place the military contingent for the subsequent participation in military of the doctrine "Xi Briz — 2008".

Participants of the action declared that they, the actions, show openness of Ukraine to peace cooperation and urge the Ukrainian citizens to support this initiative.

According to their statement, listening to comments of different political parties, public organizations, politicians and ordinary citizens concerning the relations "Ukraine - NATO", they can't stand aside.

Participants of the action distinguished from positive results of this process: increase of authority of our state on the international scene, reforming of Armed forces which will promote their remaintaining on the international standards, creation of investment climate favorable to Ukraine, etc.

Positivity of adjustment Ukraine of the close relations with the foreign states including in military branch, it is available, - convinced participants of the action.

The doctrines "Xi Briz — 2008" - one of stages of realization of a strategic problem of Ukraine - to protect own sovereignty and inviolability.

"Our steps it also reaction to an unclear position of a number of political forces of Ukraine which probably adhering to the principle "the worse, the better", use national interests only in own purposes", - supporters of doctrines declared.

"Meaning Progressive socialist party of Ukraine and Communist party of Ukraine, I don't hide own concern, that provoking of social tension is result of activity of these imaginary "fighters for idea" exclusively, implementation of illegal actions among which the basic is - harming the international authority of Ukraine. Besides, these politicians don't reflect that in that case as a whole their activity is directed on decrease in defense capability of our state", - nikolayevets explained.

At the same time, they are sure that similar "imitation of fight against the imaginary imperialistic enemy" is ignored by national conscious citizens - what want to see Ukraine the developed European state.


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