Lyudmila Hlopinskaya

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Board of city charity foundation "Nikolaev-2000" and the organizing committee on carrying out the annual city program "Citizen of year" - "The person of year" are deeply grieved by untimely death of our colleague and Lyudmila Dmitriyevna Hlopinskaya's friend.

It can be carried to color of the Nikolaev intellectuals. Widely educated, deeply intelligent and decent person, Lyudmila Dmitriyevna I devoted all life to a noble cause - preservation of historical memory of our city and edge. She was one of founders and the long-term head of the unique Nikolaev museum of history of shipbuilding and fleet, this its work was noted by the Shevchenkovsky award.

In recent years she put heart and soul in dream implementation: transformation of Old naval barracks into the museum town in which 220 - the summer history of our native Nikolaev would appear in all the greatness and an originality.
But not only it those who well knew her appreciated in Lyudmila Dmitriyevna.

She was attracted surprisingly the citizen spiritualized, beautiful soul the person, the benevolent and sympathetic friend, the thin interlocutor, the beautiful wife and mother.

We sincerely sympathize with her family, colleagues, friends. For spiritual life of Nikolaev its leaving - irreplaceable loss.


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