Tournament on female boxing: results 3-го day

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Results 3-го day of Tournament on female boxing:

54kg defeat Lidiya MATURA (BUL) vs Anna ROGOVICH (ISR) score 0:5
54kg defeat Svetlana HOLSHEVNIK (UKR-2) vs Lyudmila BONDARENKO (RUS) score 4:14
54kg victory Ivanna KRUPENNYA (BUL) vs Dzhakona KORDIO (ITA) score 10:6
54kg victory Lyudmila GRITSAY (UKR-1) vs Merem ZEYBEK ASLAN (TUR) score 5:2
57kg defeat Inna YAKOVLEVA (UKR-2) vs Nadzhekhan JULE (TUR) score 4:7
60kg Alexander's defeat PACK (POL) vs Darya ABRAMOVA (RUS) score 3:15
60kg victory Aleksandra SIDORENKO (UKR-1) vs Seydinat GADZHIYEVA (RUS) score 4:1
60kg victory Danus DILKHOFOVA (CZE) vs Lesya FEDIS (UKR-2) score 15:2
60kg defeat Dzhuzhukh of TATARS (TUR) vs Sandra KRUK (POL) score 2:3
63kg defeat Aleksandra PLUSNINA (MDA) vs Katya SUSLOVA (ISR) score 4:5
63kg victory Lyubov LOPATINA (RUS) vs Eve BRODNITSKA (POL) score 5:0
63kg defeat Natalya PEREKHREST (ISR) vs Elena SAVELYEVA (RUS) RSC-3
63kg victory Yulia TSIPLAKOVA (UKR-2) vs Oksana BIRYUKOVA (UKR-2) score 22:10
66kg victory Aleksandra KOZLAN (UKR-1) vs De Djong MARISHEL (NED) account 3:2
66kg Martin YANDROV (CZE's) victory vs Irina POTEVA (RUS) WO
66kg victory Nastya ZALEVSKAYA (UKR-2) vs Alyona VARCHENKO (MDA) score 3:2
70kg defeat Lilia DURNEVA (UKR-1) vs Elena VYSTROPOVA (RUS) score 2:3

"RSC" - Referee Stop Contest (Behind a clear advantage)
"WO" - WalkOver (Absence of the rival)

Nikolay Hadzhioglo's pupil vigorously continues to move ahead - Luda Gritsay carried out good fight with very strong Turkish woman, an excellent victory! For which the team of Turkey instantly "punished": other Nikolaev sportswoman, unfortunately, stopped fight for medals of the Cup of Nikolaev - Inna Yakovleva lost to the boxer - the Turkish woman.

There is no the well-known Natasha Perekhkrest's playing for Israel unexpected loss (The world champion in Muey Ty! ) 19- to the summer Russian (to the finalist Chempionata of Russia-2007), the second day of fights would become the real benefit performance of the head of the Israeli team Yakov Burlik: both other its bokserochka took the step to prizes of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk! In what, actually, Yakov (he ours, nikolayevets in the past, the first teacher of boxing at Igor Pavlenko - pride of the Ukrainian kickboxing) didn't doubt at all, inspiring in girls confidence of a victory not only words, but all the Hollywood appearance at tremendous tropical suntan … You will tell, it is frivolous? Probably.

But "victory psychology" - the most interesting thing! For example, just today, the film crew worked at Nikolaev City Cup (real, not "disguised") Sergey Kutrakov, sent to us national TV channel "NOVY" - capital professionals of TV randomly chose the Ukrainian little girl who should leave in a ring, "were pasted" to it since the dawn and imprinted on a film the chronicle of day of fight of the girl - the boxer. And so. This girl, Sasha Sidorenko, naturally, was great is confused with such attention of national TV, very much was afraid of loss of obligatory good rest before an exit in a ring, "and in general" … However, I tried to carry out director's wishes correctly very much.And radiant, truly fascinating smile - for a second didn't descend from her face, capable, apparently, easily to kindle a lens … However, the girl didn't forget about the fears … But inhabitants of Kiev were tactfully imperceptible, and Sasha - EXCELLENT won the fight! Fight with Champion of Russia, the prize-winner of the European championship and the Russian "space" Tournament of a class "And" in Stupino situated near Moscow! Fight in which outcome even Aleksandra's trainers very much weren't confident … Having crossed through the knock-down received from the eminent Russian and having become the real hero of day! So that's that.

Perhaps it makes sense to all little girls to box "under a sight" NOVY TV channel cameras?

We very much, sincerely thank Sergey Kutrakov's film crew. And at all for its involuntary contribution to a victory of the Ukrainian beauty - for model professional work, for disinterested interest of popular all-Ukrainian TV channel to entering "the Olympic family" to female boxing, for instant and "on - to the adult" reaction to the birth of a new subject of pride of sports Ukraine: Nikolaev City Cup - AIBA International Women's Boxing Tournament for the Prize's of Ukrainian Hero Mykola P. Romanchuk.
* * *

(the remained days of Tournament)

On July 10, Thursday - from 16:00, 11 duels
On July 11, Friday - from 16:00, 12 duels
On July 12, Saturday - from 10:00, 13 duels - the FINAL, rewardings, the Tournament

closing ceremony

Entrance to SK "Hope" in days of Tournament for the Nikolaev audience - free.
Come, support all color of the strongest girls collected in Nikolaev - boxers of the world - desperate and nice, strong and reasonable little girls of 10 countries!


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