On the Cup of Nikolaev on female boxing divided bronze

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The first half of semifinal fights of the Cup of Nikolaev is complete. All boxers who have lost today became bronze prize-winners of the Ukrainian AIBA of the International Tournament of a class "A" and this Saturday will be awarded the corresponding advantage by a medal with "five-flower" (so little girls nicknamed the remarkable logo of the Nikolaev City Cup tournament with all the heart created for боксерочек by nikolayevets by Sergey Golubev). For getting into the final 11 couples girls boxed:

46kg: victory Oksana SHTAKUN (UKR-1) vs Serpit of YaSIKAYa (TUR) score 13:10
46kg: victory Svetlana GNEVANOVA (RUS) vs Svetlana KORKISHKO (UKR-2) score 16:3
48kg victory Gulseda BASIBUTUN (TUR) vs Yustina NOVITSKA (POL) score 5:0
48kg victory Silvia LA NOTTE (ITA) vs Vera MAKRESOVA (UKR-2) score 12:7
50kg defeat Victoria SOLYANIK (UKR-2) vs Elena SAVELYEVA (RUS) score 11:14
50kg King RUSHKINSKA (POL) vs Cumeir KAI'S defeat - YaZISI (TUR) score 0:15
52kg victory Nadezhda HAENOK (UKR-2) vs Asya TAS (TUR) score 11:8
52kg victory Victoria RUDENKO (UKR-1) vs Victoria USACHENKO (RUS) score 14:5
75kg victory Marina YAVORSKAYA (RUS) vs Tatyana IVASHCHENKO (UKR-1) score 11:2
80kg defeat Selma YaDZhSI (TUR) vs Irina KOMAR (UKR-1) score 7:11
85kg victory Anna of SMOOTH (RUS) vs Inna SHEVCHENKO (UKR-1) RSC-2

"RSC" - Referee Stop Contest (Behind a clear advantage)

Tatyana Ivashchenko (her face looks at you from all posters of tournament), the well-known Nikolaev kickboxer and the boxer - the prize-winner 1st Nikolaev City Cup! This pleasant event for all of us. And for Nikolay Hadzhioglo's pupil - the present, awful tragedy... It is possible to say as is wished, of course, to it that sports are sports that in general good fight with Russian "the first glove" Maria Yavorskaya (the winner of the Russian "space" MT of a class "A" in Stupino situated near Moscow, the champion of Russia, the prize-winner of the world and the finalist of Europe) is honourable, but Tanya very much prepared for this Duel, was so adjusted on a victory...

The last (the leader of the Nikolaev boxing Olya Novikova was unwell) from battling for prizes of the Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk of the Nikolaev girls functions - tomorrow Luda Gritsay carries out the semifinal duel.

Russian (the finalist of the Russian "space" MT of a class "A" in Stupino situated near Moscow, the champion of Russia, the prize-winner of Europe). Girlfriends showed excellent boxing. And, from the point of view of will to win demonstration, fight - a revenge of inhabitant of Odessa Govorya about results of last working day of competitions was the most indicative, the Honored trainer of Ukraine Nikolay Hadzhioglo considers as the most technical today's fight a victorious meeting of the captain of the Ukrainian team Victoria Rudenko with her girlfriend - Viktoriyeyirina Komar with the Turkish woman: three weeks ago, in a ring of the Istanbul MT of a class "A" of memory of Ahmet Komert to our Ira fine from it got, and here - a beautiful revenge, a classical strong-willed victory! Vika Solyanik, though lost to the Russian, but boxed just fine. And vice versa: Oksana Shtakun selected a victory at the Turkish woman, but it was it far not the best fight.. It is a pity for the very young Sveta Korkishko who has been "beaten out" from further fight for the highest awards 1st by Nikolaev City Cup by the Russian (the winner of the Russian "space" MT of a class "A" in Stupino situated near Moscow, the champion of Russia, the prize-winner of Europe)... But this girl is talented and very ambitious - she has all loud victories still ahead.
In general, as a whole, the senior trainer of the women's national boxing Team of Ukraine Nikolay Hadzhioglo is happy with work of all Ukrainian girls. It is already possible to tell safely: tournament was successful. For the Ukrainian female boxing of Nikolaev City Cup allowed to spend ALL strongest girls - boxers of the country (both structures of a national team) through full-fledged, representative AIBA the international tournament of a class "A".

Here it is a little simple to tell "it is useful for sports development", it is rare, enviable opportunity, consider in a press - service of regional Federation of a kickboxing.

We remind a calendar of fights for the remained days.
On July 11, Friday - from 16:00, 12 duels - a semi-final in categories of 54/57/60/63/66/70 kg
On July 12, Saturday - from 11:00, 13 duels - the FINAL, rewardings, the tournament closing ceremony.
Entrance to SK "Hope" in days of tournament for the Nikolaev audience - free.

Come, support all color of the strongest girls collected in Nikolaev - boxers of the world - desperate and nice, strong and reasonable little girls of 10 countries!


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