On July 13 in Nikolaev there passed the stock "The Motorcyclist — to the Motorist"

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Yesterday Nikolaev "bikers" carried out the stock "The Motorcyclist — to the Motorist".

Representatives Nikolaev motor-club distributed on Sovetskaya Street to the "four-wheel" colleagues of a leaflet with words of sincere gratitude that motorists:

- began to look in rear-view mirrors more often;

- began to avoid sharp maneuvers;

- began to brake accurately and not sharply;

- don't open a car door in a stopper;

- opening a door at a road roadside - look back;

- move in a stopper, passing motorcyclists in a row-spacing;

- don't forget to look in the right mirror at turn to the right or a parking.

This action was held in Nikolaev for the first time. According to one of organizers of an action Alexander Orlov (in "biker" circles it know as "Bathroom equipment"), these leaflets are intended for acquaintance with that, properly to behave on the road. After all it is very important that the motorist respected the motorcyclist and vice versa.

Further similar actions it is planned carries out every month.


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