The bears who have bitten to death the person, are in a condition of a stress

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As it was already reported, the Ussuriisk belogrudy bear bit to death the person in Nikolaevsk a zoo on Sunday, July 13...

According to the deputy director of a zoo for technical questions Yury Kirichenko, in a zoo the mass of security measures is undertaken, rules of behavior of visitors in the zoo territory are established. But there are people, for which these "laws" not писаны.

- Ditch with water, the big height, more than two meters a metal fence... - Yury Kirichenko tells. - Everywhere indexes that to the open-air cage dangerously to climb hang. Besides, we hang up pictures on which we show that the bear is a predator, and the person for it is, first of all, meat. That didn't think that we have a fantastic community where the bear can be ironed and so forth.

- This bear lives in a zoo 14 years - practically half-lives. Now it on top form forces. We from these bears always had a posterity. In total in a zoo two representatives of this breed: Schur's female and male of Babay.

The tragic element of the case which has occurred in a zoo, becomes aggravated that it is impossible to reveal precisely not only the motives which have pushed the person to get into the open-air cage with a bear, but event details aren't up to the end known.

- Witnesses, as those, no. There were any people, visitors. But they slowly left when bustle with rescue of the person, attempts to exempt it from a bear began. So anybody also doesn't know these people though initially they and called to the aid.

- It was early in the morning, to 10-and hours, - continues the deputy director. - The zoo only opened. This visitor even it is unclear as it appeared in a zoo. At itself at it wasn't neither money, nor documents. In a pocket any trifle lay. Or it passed under the ticket, or through a fence as - that got - all this absolutely unclear. It appeared in the open-air cage, despite a two-meter fence and a ditch. Anybody can't give the intelligible answer. I that day wasn't at work. It was the day off, I arrived only by the evening. I needed to ask only colleagues as well as that occurred. They still in a state of shock from seen, for all horror which occurred in the open-air cage. Even those bears who were in a cage with this male, panicked, ran. They didn't participate in attack process.On the contrary - attacking I growled, and they were aside, were afraid to approach to it.

- Bears walk in the open-air cage. For them it is constant habitat. The person overcame all our obstacles which we built on a way, and, having ignored all signs warning about danger, got on this territory. It fell in a hole or jumped, already nobody will tell it.

On Yury Kirichenko's assurances, it - not an isolated case when the person on own fault appears the victim of an animal.

- There was a case with a tiger. The company came, drank a vodka bottle for two, without having a snack, and one wanted to photograph a tiger closer. It got through a fence, bent down to a tiger and fell in a ditch. It was in December 2006-го years. But then the person managed to be rescued.

- Cases such occur in zoos, unfortunately. People think that they or are stronger than these animals, or it is cleverer, or simply hope for good luck. It is difficult to understand that them moves to these moments. I can assume that these people are mentally unhealthy, - the deputy director notices.

- I faced a similar case in the Kharkov zoo when there I was in business trip. The man tried to get into a cage with animals. It motivated the act so: "I communicated good luck. And God told me that today I have to get into this cage". We several times brought him, but it was persistent. Then I came with any pointed rod. "By all means I have to climb to animals". Here at it the plan was such. Who knows, than this person was guided? I don't know how it is necessary to make heard to people that they didn't do it.

About hearings of that the victim once was the employee of the Nikolaev zoo, Yury Kirichenko speaks:

- I heard that someone from relatives called today, was interested in tragedy details. Said also that the victim once worked for us. I too try to remember that it for the person. Most I didn't see it. If I looked though at the person, maybe, and would recognize him. Though some employees claim that it once worked in our zoo. We have a big routine. People come, leave. It could work month - two, I could it and not remember.

- Now bears are in a condition of a stress. Them chased, watered from the fire extinguisher. Certainly, for them it too big shock. They can not eat, depart long time from a stress. Our tiger long departed.I passed the long period of rehabilitation of an animal from the transferred stress. And you understand: after all same not norm that people climb in cages. It is an egregious example. Aggression was shown not so much owing to a predatory instinct, how many the territorial. Each animal has the territory which it marks which considers as the. For it it is very important.

According to Yury Kirichenko, on the open-air cage territory the bear regarded penetration of the stranger, as attempt of the stranger to lodge on it, to select her former owner. The predator attacks to protect the place. And when he will already feel taste of blood, the deputy director claims, the animal can't stop any more, other instincts there are already connected...


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