Despite a sensation and threats "left", "Xi Briz-2008" started

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On July 13 to the Nikolaev military range "Wide Lang" there arrived the contingent of the military personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia who will take part in the international doctrines "Xi Briz-2008". Despite a delay in Odessa, connected with a storm which significantly complicated unloading of the Georgian military, and the 30th-degree heat, at entrance on the range they were met by activists socially - political structures of the region which support an eurointegration course of Ukraine, and also representatives of public authorities of the Nikolaev area.

On the improvised meeting, at entrance on "Wide Lang" locals handed over to the military personnel of Georgia flowers, and speech of the representative of local Georgian diaspora G. Goliadze in general caused a storm of warm emotions from both parties that gave to action still big warmth and a radushnost.

In the performance the commander of a company of Armed forces of Georgia of Papua Horava who obviously wasn't expecting such reception from the Ukrainian party, reported that carrying out the international doctrines is directed, first of all, on an exchange of experience in the sphere of military cooperation, working off of practical skills of carrying out the international peacekeeping and anti-terrorist operations that will promote increase of fighting capacity both Ukrainian, and Georgian armies.

In this regard to expose attempts of job political parties "Xi Briz-2008" as "NATO expansion" in the south of Ukraine, according to the author, are objectively groundless and far-fetched. It is clear, it is necessary that to be promoted by everything, at each of our politicians "skate", but "to fight against NATO" against the Georgian, Macedonians and Armenians who together with the Ukrainian military will take part in the international doctrines on "Wide Lang" and aren't members of "the enemy block", softly to tell nonprofessionally and silly.


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