In the list of the Nikolaev Olympians there were changes

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Finally it became known that to the Olympic Games to Beijing as a part of a national team there will go 23 nikolayevets. They will present Ukraine in ten sports.

Originally in March of this year the Ministry of affairs of a family, youth and sports made the list of the athletes who have obtained the license for participation in the Olympic Games as a part of the national team of Ukraine.

At that time nikolayevets had 14 licenses on 7 sports. For expired time there were changes. The athletes who have obtained licenses, had to prove in the international European championships and Ukraine that they deservedly acquired the right to go to Beijing. Some Nikolaev participants of the Olympic Games-2008 deprived of licenses, motivating with that they not the perspective. For this reason it is refused to Alevtina Koroleva and Nina Kozlova.

The specified list of the Nikolaev athletes - members of a National Olympic team of Ukraine:

Diving: Elena Fedorova, Ilya Kvasha, Konstantin Milyaev - the trainer S. M. Gumenyuk

Rowing: Dmitry Prokopenko, Sergey Beloushchenko, Tatyana Kolesnikova and Svetlana Spiryukhova - trainers P. M. Prishutov, V. M. Entis, V.E.Rayevsky, Yu.A. Pavlenko, S. P. Bespalenko, R. V. Beznosova.

Track and field athletics: Andrey Sokolovsky, Oksana Ilyushkina and Stepin's Vit - trainers Yu.M. Sergiyenko and A.F. Kovpak.

Boxing: Sergey Derevyanchenko and Alexander Klyuchko - trainers S. A. Korchinsky and V.A. Bukalov.

Trampolining: Yury Nikitin and Elena Movchan - trainers V. M. Gorzhy and L.M. Gorzhy.

Synchronous swimming: Yulia Maryanko - the trainer V. V. Kuznetsov

Sailing: Pavel Kalinchev and Andrey Shafranyuk - the trainer P. K. Kalinchev.

Free-style wrestling: Taras Danko and Ivan Ishchenko - the trainer Yu.V. Tupeev.

Fencing: Olga Harlan and Elena Homrovaya - trainers Yu.V. Marchenko, A.A. Skorokhod and A.N. Shlikar.

Sport highway: Tatyana Yashchkina and Andrey Grivko - the trainer E.L. Shtermir.


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