Yesterday the third basketball match Ukraine - Israel

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Nikolaev. July 17. Nadezhda sport school. 1000 viewers.
Judge V. Homenko (Russia), A. Nikolaev (Russia)

Ukraine: Hares (3 points, 9 minutes), Vilkhovetsky (9, 10), Gladyr (7, 22), Glebov (15, 24), Novikov (3, 10), Lukashov (11, 26), Timofeenko (5, 13), Kolchenko (11, 16), Norenko (9, 20), Shurmel (0, 4), Glazyrin (5, 15), Tonchenko (11, 24). Trainers D. Zhuravlev, V. Polyakh.
Israel: Lutrin (3, 7), Daniel (11, 27), Ronen (5, 14), Gonshor (6, 8), Shutvin (18, 25), Mekel (5, 30), Bredveyn (0, 6), Asante As (7, 20), Bren Ackerman (6, 28), Bukra (4, 10), Pitshon (5, 24). Trainer Ariel Bate Halachmi.

Guests weren't confused by large loss the day before, and here they already win a starting piece - 7:13. Vilkhovetsky together with Kolchenko resolutely proved, as distant throws own not worse, and under a ring can break, and from the line of penalties beat precisely. Considering presence on a match of the head coach of a national team V. Melnichuk and the director of national teams of Ukraine G. Zashchuk, the assumption arose that guys are aimed at the leading roles not only in "youth team".
In the second period wards D. Zhuravleva and V. Polyakha played more exactly, but is even more effective. Under boards almost everything was controlled by Zaytsev and Norenko, hammered everything coming to a platform.
And it is good that the destiny of a match was actually predetermined because soon after a big break Kolchenko and Vilkhovetsky were removed from a gym for … unsportsmanlike behavior. The first of them violated rules in fight against powerful Daniel. The whistle of the arbitrator was distributed, but the forward of rivals decided something to add "from himself". And here … began.
Judges were fast and categorical so to "a wall on a wall" business didn't reach. And that is curious - "five" of the national team of Israel some minutes later "was linked" to Novikov, and then - with Gladyrem. And - after whistles, so to speak "after". But our guys showed more self-control.
After the third match questions of the correspondent "Nikolaev news" were answered by the head coach of the youth national team of Ukraine Denis Zhuravlev:
- One of our main tasks is increase of physical readiness. Some children had too long a rest therefore functionally we aren't ready to serious loadings.And without movement secure in protection not always manages to work, certain basketball players in attack drop out, from - for what it isn't possible to bring affected combinations to the logical end.
In the itself prize wasn't regarded as of paramount importance. But it is pleasant that from a match to a match our children progressed, mutual understanding obviously grew. As for our rival, the national team of Israel though didn't achieve a great success, but also the supernumerary never on the European championships came. We will tell so, strong "middling person". I think that in the second circle of competitions by it to leave on forces.
The head coach of a national team Valentin Melnichuk told that game was pleasant to it. In some days we will carry out sparrings with the main team of the country which prepares in Youzhny.


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