I put, I went, I forgot...

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"I put - and I forgot" - the most widespread explanation of citizens at whom reveal forbidden or limited to movement through border subjects.

As practice of work of the Chernigov customs testifies, most often "forget" about ancient icons, pictures, books, money. And this time the citizen of Russia didn't remember" coins, already while them didn't reveal at a check point of "Senkivk" in working hours of the general survey group as a part of employees of customs and frontier guards.

It were 13 coins and the paper banknote which have been let out mainly in 20-50 years of the last century. But two coins, even at first sight, made also have much earlier starozhitnost signs. The inspector of customs service and the organization of fight against customs offenses made the protocol on violation of customs rules on 339 and 340 articles of the Customs code of Ukraine (a non declaration of goods and violation of an order of passing of customs control in zones (corridors) of the simplified customs control).

Coins are withdrawn. For definition of their historian - cultural value examination will be appointed by customs.


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