In the Nikolaev area for the last half a year physicians revealed 609 new cases of infection of HIV

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According to the Nikolaev regional center of prevention and treatment, patients AIDS, the state for July of this year in area registered 8 thousand 487 people of the infected HIV, from them 1 thousand 458 people are sick with AIDS.

For the last half a year 609 new cases of infection of HIV that makes 50,6 cases on 100 thousand population are registered. In 2007, for their same period was 570. The indicator of incidence grew by 7,6%. Nevertheless, specialists of the center note reduction for the last two years in our area of rates of distribution of epidemic HIV/AIDS which a state for July 1 made 6,8 percent.

The greatest number of HIV positive is registered in Nikolaevsk - 121,9 cases in the ratio on 100 thousand people (2007-107,4), Bashtansk - 87,4 (2007 - 38,3), Voznesensky - 62,3 (2007 - 71,4), Veselinovsk - 61,0 (2007 - 36,0), Zhovtnevom - 53,7 (2007 - 89,4), Ochakov - 51,4 (2007 - 41,4) areas. In the cities of Yuzhnoukrainsk - 58,4 (2007 - 66,3) and Nikolaev - 54,9 (2007 - 50,1). For example, in the Bashtansky area the incidence indicator in comparison with 2007 grew by 2,3 times, in Veselinovskom - 1,7 times.

Rates of distribution of HIV of an infection among the population make 34,6 percent. Thanks to anti-retrovirus therapy, level of decrease in rates of a disease AIDS with 40,7 on the 100th yew is for the first time registered. the population in 2007 to 38,1 on the 100th yew. the population in 2008.

Today, level of transfer of HIV increased to 41,4 percent sexually, in 2007 it made 39,8 percent. The quantity of HIV of positive women among infected now makes 45,7 percent, in 2007 - 38,6. The majority of them reproductive age that promotes increase in birth rate of HIV of the infected children. State for July 1 of this year in area live 490 children of the born HIV positive mothers, in their 2007 was 445. Among them at the 126th diagnosis of HIV it is confirmed. Eight of them are sick with AIDS.

From the moment of registration of the HIV of infection first to a case in 1987 in Nikolayevshchina 842 persons already died of this illness.This year among the died 144 persons were with the HIV diagnosis, 29 from them had AIDS


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