In Nikolaev parents didn't hurry to look for the "lost" three-year-old daughter

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At the end of April in service for children of administration of the Factory area information that in children's city hospital No. 2 the thrown child is found arrived.

The specialist of service left in hospital and met "foundling". The girl told that her name is Tanya that she is three years old that mother is called Galya, and the father - Gena, and still it has a sister Valya, which 7 years. But the child couldn't call the surname, as, actually, and addresses.

From hospital specialists of service for children delivered the baby in a city shelter, and with the active help of staff of Factory regional department of militia started looking for parents of the girl. Also found.

As it became clear, the girl in hospital was "lost" by the relative to whom arrived to stay for a while Tanya's parents as they live not in Nikolaev. Specialists of service for children hope that the girl will very quickly return to a family (now it on - former in a shelter). But a question why parents of "loss" didn't look for the daughter (any statements in militia about it didn't arrive), remains open.


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