"Xi Briz" passed a caravan, and PSPU remained

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As reported in a press - service Navy of Ukraine, since July 22 removal of the foreign military contingent is begun with the military range "Wide Lang" and the military personnel of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine who took part in the international military doctrines "Xi Briz-2008".

This day for Odessa already left, for the subsequent sending home, a company of Armed forces of Macedonia (40 people) and 41 representatives of the Ministry of Defence of Georgia.

Everything seems already, the end of political hysteria of "vitrenkovets" came. After all it also were the main forces of "foreign aggressors", taking part in "hated" for the management and members of PSPU "Xi Briz-2008" in the Nikolaev area. The last, by the way, despite resonant squeals and N. Vitrenko's cries about his possible failure, according to estimates of the Ukrainian and foreign experts passed according to the plan at high level.

In this regard the statement that tent towns of PSPU in regions where there passed "Xi Briz-2008" will function till July 28 (official closing of these international doctrines), differently as sadistic in relation to their inhabitants you won't call.

Air in the southern steppes of Ukraine during a July time gets warm to 33-38 degrees, and it only in a shadow. Tents of picketers during such heat are heated up to the sand temperature in the desert (on it fashionably and tea to warm and to fry eggs). And in them, on N. Vitrenko's assurances, there live about 40 of her supporters to whom, excuse, it is impossible to take normally a shower, to cook hot food or, sorry, to celebrate other requirements on an open place at entry into Nikolaev. Probably it also wishes to show N. Vitrenko to our compatriots passing by in cars and guests of Ukraine.

Maybe it is worth dismissing already this camp and to stop scoffing at the subordinates? To show about them real, instead of declarative care. After all not nevertheless they are the outcasts, run away from family problems, importunate wives or drinking husbands? Is among them and normal soberminded people. They objectively estimate a situation, but thanks to N. Vitrenko's "ideological" training hardly constrain the indignation and indignation concerning her narrow-mindedness.Say political discipline …


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