To neutralize risen against building of the yard of people, lawyers write letters to their died relatives

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The lawyer office "Binal" continues to write letters to the inhabitants protesting against domestic buildings down the street of Krylov where the Yugtekhstroy — Groups civil engineering firm is going to build an inhabited high-rise building.

We already wrote that such letters would be received by inhabitants of houses 19-, and 19-in, on Krylov St. People weren't frightened to impressive contents of letters which begin with big words: "Ministry of Justice of Ukraine... ", also brought them to us in edition.

A week ago the same letters appeared in mailboxes of inhabitants of the house 13/1, on Krylov St. Only here they came addressed to not only live people, and even their dead neighbors and relatives!

Only at one entrance addressed to the died people five letters came! People are shocked: as it so, from heavy loss, and here such letters only managed to recover. But if the young man died half a year ago, other four his neighbors died year, three, four years ago. And suddenly, their relatives, children or wives receive letters on once live close people.

Galina Krasnoshchek in one and a half years lost three dear people. At first the husband died, then the great-grandson didn't live also half a year after the birth, and recently at the woman the grandson Valery died. The woman, the disabled person of the second group, had a heavy heart attack and now these letters again deprive of it the last health. Her daughter who has received the letter addressed to the dead five months ago of the only son, had a heart attack. Now the woman is on the sick-list - recovers after the spiritual wounds put to it.

- Why the such made, turned to all of us soul? ! - with tears Galina Nikolaevna in the eyes asks.

Interestingly, on what basis the Binal office which director is the inhabitant of Germany Esterkin, assumes the right so to injure people? It at them in Germany is so accepted? Interestingly - that Germans with Mikhail Usherovich Esterkin if he afforded something similar in Germany would make? It is known that Mikhail Esterkin's son, Alexander, coming on Krylov St., it was represented by the lawyer of Yugtekhstroy — Groups firm.Whether it was come to mind by this idea? Let, say, think of the died relatives, instead of are at war with his clients. To beat out the person from psychological balance - already a victory half. The less people will protest against construction, the will is better be considered executed their robot for which the customer, probably, pays much. And what to them put before, what at mother who has lost the only son, heart hurts?


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