The bilberry sold in the Nikolaev markets, it is better not to buy!

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Employees of the Factory regional sanepidstantion checked bilberry berries which in the last two weeks in a large number appeared on counters practically all local markets. "This wild-growing berry pick directly from the earth, it has property to gather radionuclides. Caesium and strontium at hit in a human body practically don't break up and gradually collect", - the manager of office of hygiene of food Natalya Ryabenkova explained.

In the Central city market health officers selected two samples of berries: from Vinnytsia and Zakarpatye areas also checked them in specialized radiological laboratory Nikolaev regional sanitarno - epidemic station. Impurity appeared with essential excess of admissible indicators. Besides, sellers couldn't show any documents testifying to safety and ecological purity of a product, and also on the right to trade of. While researches were conducted, sale of berries was suspended, however isn't excluded that the part of doubtful production got to buyers.

Based on research data, Natalya Ryabenkova at all doesn't advise to buy this berry and furthermore to dry up and prepare it in the medical purposes, for example, for sight improvement.

"So polluted by radionuclides, such product only adds to us harmful substances which and without that there is a lot of in environment, - Natalya Petrovna considers. - If there is a strong wish to buy, it is necessary to ask surely the seller, from where berries: as it is known, the most polluted by radiation at us Vinnytsia, Zakarpatye, Chernigov, Zhitomir areas are considered. It is extremely undesirable to use in food root crops, vegetables, berries and the fruit grown up there and brought to us. After all in transit them through borders of areas absolutely is no control of their radiological state".

Especially careful fans of mushrooms need to be:these forest products absorb not only radionuclides, but also salts of heavy metals that pretends very dangerous even the edible


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