In Nikolayevshchina on cheap stuff sell the fish who has died of a heat

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In 3 days in the Nikolaev area utilized 46 tons of a dead bull-calf.

In the south of Ukraine fish in large quantities perishes. Such situation developed in the Nikolaev, Kherson and Odessa areas. So, from Rybakovk's resort near Nikolaev for one night took out 6 trucks of a dead bull-calf. "In 3 days we utilized 46 tons of the lost fish from all area! - the state inspector of environmental protection in the Nikolaev area Ivan Kravtsov speaks. - It twice exceeds indicators for all last year! ". According to experts, the pestilence reason - an abnormal heat and June heavy rains. Rains washed away the mass of the nutrients promoting reproduction of seaweed during a heat in reservoirs - in water concentration of oxygen went down, and the organic chemistry began to decay instantly. "It led to formation of pathogenic bacteria in sea water, - the deputy director of the Odessa branch of institute of biology of the Southern seas Galina Minicheva speaks. - On the sea while it is better not to go", writes "Today".

It is raised in water and hydrogen sulfide level that is also connected with decomposition of dead organisms. And on the Tiligulsky estuary the death of fish accepts critical scales. Some experts even speak about full sterilization of a reservoir. However, ecologists of area don't agree with it. "On the estuary there are deep-water places where fish can escape from high temperatures. Besides it annually gets to the estuary from the sea", - Ivan Kravtsov tells.

Fish in Hadzhibeevsky and Dofinovsky estuaries perishes. "Generally bull-calves and other small, not really mobile fish suffer, - the ecologist of regional management of environmental protection in Odessa region Lyubov Kharina speaks. - The pike perch and pelengas, for example, leave on depth and wait a heat there".

On a problem fans of easy money not bad profit. "Fishermen" sell dead fish "at the low prices". Cases of illegal trade were recorded in Nikolaev and Odessa. "Upon purchase fish needs to be examined well, - Lyubov Kharina speaks. - Traces of decomposition are visible with the naked eye. It is best of all to take fish in shops with refrigerators". The situation is controlled by SES.


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