How to restore the mailbox

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You can always restore the mailbox on even if long time didn't use of

What to do, if mailbox To you it isn't necessary any more? The majority of mail services to you will suggest to remove simply эккаунт. Thus all its contents, and access will be, as a rule, removed also - is blocked. And suddenly this mail is required to you over time, and you want to resume its use? In that case it is necessary to contact a support service, or to follow special instructions. And some mail services at all don't provide restoration эккаунта.

Boxes in electronic to FREEMAIL mail from UKR.NET never move away. If not to come into the mail more than 90 days, it will simply cease to accept entering messages, however on - former will store all contents. Therefore if you want to return - your box on will be at your service.


National the Internet - to UKR.NET portal ( ) 6 years. For today it is the most popular and recognizable portal in Ukraine - it is known by every second Ukrainian user of the Network (according to the research InMind). In e-mail FREEMAIL from "UKRNET" more than 7 million boxes are registered. Annually this quantity increases by one million. Daily FREEMAIL delivers 2,6 million and sends about half a million letters.


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