"The entertainment" explains a lotto – the Nikolaev millionaire crossed out five horizontals, instead of three!

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In edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" the letter from the lottery operator of MSL in whom "Lito Zabava" decided to clear up draw of 8 million hryvnias which were won by the ticket of the player bought in Nikolayevshchina came. As it became clear, the leader who has declared that "Three horizontals are crossed out! " simply I made a reservation. Actually, Jack - sweat was broken by deletion of five horizontals in different game fields of the ticket. But the winner still wasn't declared …

"Passions round record Jack - the Lotto — the Entertainment sweat won on August 8 don't cease. The lottery operator of MSL tries to find and present to the shortest terms to the country of the happy player in the history of a lottery, officially to issue an astronomical prize and to hand over to the chosen by fate the memorable check for the record sum - 8000000 hryvnias! While we need to guess only who is he, this improbable lucky: the man or the woman, the inhabitant of Nikolaev or area, and probably holiday-maker who has arrived on rest who didn't want to pass the next circulation? In a word - we look for the lucky, the owner record Jack - sweat of 8 million hryvnias in size!

At the same time players don't calm down, count how was is broken a record prize, trying on on the tickets options of advantageous lines. And at some players "doesn't meet", here and there are questions with which they address in our edition and directly in MSL. That is, - how it was possible to win a question one Jack - sweat if during draw 574 circulations dropped out only two balls of yellow color (of the category of numbers from 16 to 30)? After all at such current of circumstances it was possible to cross out only two horizontals without the aid of preferential subforging in one game field of the ticket! From where the third horizontal thanks to which the lucky won Jack - sweat undertook? And I asked some indignantly:"What does it mean - an error of the computer? There are players with any exclusive tickets? "

No, dear players, simply you forgot that according to the new rules "Lotto — the Entertainment" which started working at the end of January of this year and were published in our newspaper (No. 52 for 2009), Jack - sweat can be won in two ways. The first, traditional - having crossed out 3 horizontals of numbers without preferential subforging in one game field of the ticket. And another, new - having crossed out 5 any horizontals, with horseshoes or without, in all three fields of the lottery ticket. Record Jack - sweat and previous six-million Jack - sweat was quite so won. If you were attentive during draw, saw that on a TV screen the field with five lines was lit, marking the won Jack - sweat.

The mistake of the leader who on a habit exclaimed could confuse you only: "Stop, three horizontals are crossed out"!

We won't reproach him, after all it is the air and it was in such raised emotional state.

Actually the last ball of game - at number 48 - created the real revolution in the happy ticket of circulation. Let's look that saw, and we will try to guess that future owner Jack - sweat when game came to an end felt. Before you conditional ticket of the winner. You look, before loss of the last ball the lucky unknown to us could count only on a prize in the category "1 +1" because in its ticket were crossed out: average horizontal of the top field and bottom horizontal of an average field. "It is already quite good", - probably, the player thought. If he knew that expects him ahead...

The ball of red color with number 48 dropped out, here he saw that at the same time crossed out three more horizontals! Probably, he also forgot about the rule of five lines and only according to number of the ticket learned the improbable, fantastic good luck!

If you ask, from where all of us know about the ticket which isn't shown yet for registration in MSL, we will explain: the computer of game knows everything about each ticket, after all he creates combinations of numbers which are printed in your tickets. But the computer knows nothing about the main thing - what balls will drop out in game? Therefore it can't affect result of game at all, - good luck and prizes entirely depend on what balls will play.When balls drop out of the lottery drum and technical workers enter information into the computer, it instantly, for only a few fractions of a second finds those tickets in which it is possible to cross out the line, two, three in the memory... Everything is quite simple if you understand that the today's equipment is capable to do hundreds millions calculations a second!

Yes, the Lord, equipment is known by everything, she only doesn't know how to win Jack - sweat and at whom from you this happy ticket for 8000000 hryvnias. Probably, it in your pocket, dear reader? "


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