Tomorrow nikolayevets will be able to observe a partial solar eclipse

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Tomorrow, on August 1, inhabitants of Nikolaev will be able to observe a partial solar eclipse. As reported to "N News" the associate professor of physics and astronomy of the Nikolaev state university of V. A. Sukhomlinskogo Elena Panko, the Moon will close 3/10 diameters of a solar disk. The maximum phase of an eclipse is expected on 13.00.

The total solar eclipse will begin on August 1, 2008 in 09 h 22 m on the world time (UT) in the north of Canada - at sunrise in the gulf Quinn - Maud a lunar shadow will enter on Earth surface, reports a site "Astrogalaktika". Worst of all the eclipse will be visible in the west of (The moon will close to 35 percent of the Sun), and it is best of all on North - the East (The moon will close a Sun half).

To look at an eclipse with the naked eye astronomers and physicians don't advise - it is possible to lose sight. It is best of all to observe this surprising event via special filters, and for the lack of those it is possible to use the smoked glass, a welding mask, a film from the broken diskette or the shown, lit film of the camera.


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