Often asked questions about a photoepilation

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Whether the photoepilation really helps? Yes, the photoepilation is recognized as the most effective method of removal of hair on a body and the person for long term. Sometimes hair cease to grow forever, but most often hair don't grow eight - ten years then their growth is gradually restored, but in much smaller volume.

What harm to health the epilation can do? Any cosmetology procedure if it is executed nonprofessionally and on the low-quality equipment can do harm. Most often when passing a course of a photoepilation clients complain of burns which arise or from - for stay on the sun after an epilation, or from - for incorrectly established an influence mode. Important risk factor - development of free radicals under the influence of a light impulse. Free radicals promote withering of skin and can lead to a cancer. Epilation I was safe, it is necessary to address in the centers working only with certified professional lasers in which filters for a delay of harmful waves are installed.

How it is often necessary to do a photoepilation? The effect of one procedure can easily be expressed as a percentage, it makes about 20-30% of remote hair of all hair follicles in skin on the processed site. In each subsequent procedure about 10-30% of hair follicles collapse. Therefore it can be necessary for achievement of optimum effect from four to ten procedures.

Whether painfully to depilate by means of a photoepilation? Yes, procedure is painful, but modern lasers allow to reduce morbidity at the expense of cooling nozzles. Besides, at the request of clients local anesthetics are used.

Whether there are any contraindications or restrictions for procedure performance? The photoepilation isn't shown to people before achievement of sixteen years, for owners of very fair or gray hair, at fresh suntan, very swarty skin, skin diseases and diabetes. With care a photoepilation make to pregnant women and feeding women.

Why so expensive photoepilation? High cost has a talk use of the expensive equipment with the limited term of operation. Фо


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